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Sriggle Allotment Management software to shape the travel businesses

Signature by Sriggle Allotment management feature for travel industry ensures best automated, efficient allotment management feature for the travel business. It facilitates travel companies to adapt and optimize their inventory allocation, a feature of allotment management for travel industry, in real time. With Signature by Sriggle managing room allocations, excursions, transportation quotas and its seamless integration into the booking process ensures seamless collaboration between vendors and suppliers optimizing utilization of resources and analysis on allotment. Signature by Sriggle allotment management for travel industry, allows hotels with their integrated hotel reservation systems, hotel room booking software, airlines, and tour operators to manage travel resources smarter, giving them a competitive edge. The travel companies enter into an agreement with the service providers to have seamless availability of services. These agreements have been broadly classified as follows: 

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Benefits of Signature by Sriggle –allotment Management feature for travel companies

Some of the key benefits of allotment management feature for travel industry are as follows:

  • Real Time inventory 

The success of allotment management lies in its accuracy of inventory, its allotment, availability in real l-time and its updated status for various services. With Sriggle, allotment feature and its seamless interface with its vendors and suppliers  the travel businesses can effectively manage their inventory and review its resources utilization anywhere any time efficiently .,

  • Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency and accuracy with instant response is one of the major benefits of Sriggle Allotment management feature for travel industry . Managing the allotments is a complex process as there are many criteria’s / methods involved based on room basis or number of persons. Thus automating these processes reduces the probability of errors and enhances operational effectiveness. The real time allotment feature particularly in the integrated  hotel reservation systems and, hotel room booking software facilitates travel companies to analyze the booking pattern for a period and do the business projection accordingly. 

  • Increase in distribution channels and enhancing visibility and bookings.

The allocation management feature empowers travel companies to expand their reach and sell their inventory across multiple channels. As a result, visibility is enhanced, and more bookings are generated

  • Access information on the move 24 x 7 

The impressive interfaces offer travel companies to manage their allotments from various devices including mobile, laptop, tablets and other devices from anywhere any time on the move. 

Sriggle Travel Allotment Software driving innovation and growth for travel businesses

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Free Sell 

Free sell is an open agreement wherein the travel companies can confirm bookings / sell rooms without any restrictions from the service providers selling accommodation. The feature displays real-time availability of rooms and updates to simplify instant bookings. The feature ensures that the inventory is automatically replenished once the allotment of rooms is complete thereby ensuring customers a continuous access to rooms inventory for booking. 

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Fixed allotment

Fixed allotment an agreement wherein the allocation of rooms for booking is only to a specific agent or channel. In this way, specific entities remain exclusive to a predetermined block of rooms. Monitoring and managing these fixed allotments allows precise distribution control. The entities include the hotel name, room category, dates, tariff and number of rooms.

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Other Services (Pax Wise Allotment)

Other services (Pax wise allotment) allow allocation and allotment of other services – other than accommodation. This includes tours, activities, and transportation, based on the number of passengers. It allows travel companies to allocate a given set of seats or units for a specific service. This not only ensures optimize use of resources but ensure efficient management. 

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Pre-purchase Inventory Management

Keeping in mind the business anticipated and a need to have additional rooms and services, the travel companies connect with the service providers and procure the inventory by making an advance bulk payment to the suppliers for that specific period termed as Pre-purchase Inventory Management. The service provider continues to accept the bookings subject to the pre purchase amount paid by the travel companies. 

With Sriggle allocation management feature, travel companies remain on top of pre-purchased inventory, making it easy to see utilization rates, excess inventory, and expiration dates at a glance.

Manage Block Out / Sold Out 

The blackout / sold out dates are the dates during which no bookings for accommodation or other services can be made. 
With Signature by Sriggle allotment management for travel business can efficiently manage allotment periods by marking them as sold out facilitating availability and assisting businesses in navigating high-demand periods strategically and ensuring maximizing revenue.


Take a leap forward with future tech ready Sriggle Travel Allotment feature and be a leader 

Future technology ready, supported by latest machine language (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) ,Sriggle allotment management feature provides the state of art technology platform for travel companies to sustain their future growth and promote data-driven decision-making. The changing needs of the business and the organization can be dynamically optimized.Connect with Sriggle to achieve excellence and experience our services. 

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