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Tour Operator Software

The fate of Thomas Cook demonstrates the pressures Tour Operators now face. Despite a tradition stretching back almost 200 years, and legions of loyal customers, Thomas Cook couldn’t adapt fast enough and went out of business last year.

Yet there's potential for a renaissance in Tour Operating. With their broad offering, Tour Operators can develop unparalleled insights into their customers preferences, and how those preferences are changing and adapt their offering accordingly.

Tour Operator Challenges and Solution through Signature Tour Operator

Working with Multiple Systems

  • Tour operators suffer when forced to use multiple systems that aren’t integrated.
  • They might use one platform for booking, another for CRM, and yet another platform for client payments.
  • Switching between platforms means more work and this can lead to delays in providing quick and accurate information to the customer.
  • Multiple systems can also create a situation where an agent, back-office, and management team will spend time jumping between multiple systems without being able to process and track the data from which they would be able to derive valuable insights.

SignatureT/O is seamless

  • With SignatureT/O, sales, operations and administrative staff are all supported for all their needs on the one platform.
  • Once information is entered, it becomes accessible everywhere it needs to be.
  • You stay in control. SignatureT/O gives you the ability to control access to data and functions based on the different roles you create and assign.
  • And with SignatureT/O reporting doesn’t have blinds spots. Customizable real-time reports will break down information and performance silos and enable you to analyze the linkages that drive your business to success.
Tour Operator Industry
Tour Operator Industry

Clients demanding tailor made tours

  • Increasingly the travelling public is not satisfied with “standard” tours. The ability to upgrade an element or change a duration is seen as a minimum requirement.
  • But without the right system, ad-hoc approaches e.g. Creating one-off tours, front end overload and back-end headaches can result.
  • Even the prettiest personalization engines can leave a nasty taste if the experience they promise is compromised by poor administrative and servicing capability.

SignatureT/O Self-Service customization

  • Once a tour is booked on Signature T/O, your clients will delight at the flexibility they have to fine tune their experience using completely dynamic capabilities.
  • All this without putting additional burdens on your staff.
  • Signature T/O’s front end dynamism doesn’t compromise reporting. Dynamic packages are reported transparently in the same way as static packages
  • By enabling your customers to customize their packages you will increase sales, enhance engagement and boost retention.

Inflexible and unpowered systems

  • As time passes the demands on a business change: different functions become required, success can strain existing functions capabilities.
  • For instance, a tour operator may have more MICE business, and that MICE business may grow to serve large events.
  • What may start out as a few requests catered for with spreadsheets and word processor can soon become overwhelming.
  • If standalone systems are added, a patchwork architecture can develop making improvements in operational efficiency difficult to achieve, even with the risky data migrations.

SignatureT/O modular architecture

  • The entire Signature platform is built in a modular way. And because Signature supports a wide variety of travel businesses you will have access to a full range of functions. Those functions, from inception, have been designed to work together to support growing travel businesses like yours.
  • The capabilities of our powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Content Management System (CMS) can be fully integrated into all our platforms whenever, and not before, our clients need them.
  • Your operations may not yet require the full power of our cloud-based solutions. But it will be reassuring to know that as your business grows in scope and volume, Signature T/O will have the integrated functions and performance to grow with you.
Tour Operator Industry
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