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What is Priceline? 

Priceline was born in 1998 with an ingenious idea in mind. The primary objective was to drive demand for unused flight tickets, hotel rooms, etc., and allow customers to bid their own prices. It not only helped customers save a massive amount of money but also helped businesses sell services that remained unused.  

Today, Priceline is credited as one of the largest travel service providers in the world. It is part of the largest travel company globally, Booking Holdings. It enables customers to book hotels, flights, cars, cruises, experiences, etc., in a unique way. Here, you can bid on the bookings and get the accommodation or ticket you want at a lesser price rate via “The Name Your Own Price” deal. 

The introduction of Express Deals in 2012 was a significant hit for the company. It offered customers the ability to opt for instant booking. It means the traveler could see some information on rentals, hotels, etc., and book it immediately. For instance, if you want to make a hotel reservation, Priceline initially displayed information such as customer rating, star rating, amenities, etc. However, the agency hid some details to protect price integrity. Once the bid is accepted, the customers get to see the hidden information.  

Top Features of Priceline  

Priceline offers a wide array of exciting features. In fact, the travel agency strives to keep up with the ever-evolving travel tech.  

Let’s look at the features – 

Express Deals 

Launched in the year 2012, Express Deals is another praise-worthy feature of Priceline. With Express Deals, travelers can book tickets or make reservations just like bidding. However, the unique component was instant booking. To make it fair to the travel providers, Priceline holds back some information. You can book a flight or hotel, but you won't know its name or the exact departure/arrival timings. In return, you can save up to 50%. Once the booking is done, all the remaining information is provided.  

Tonight-Only Deals 

Priceline released its mobile app in 2009. To make the app more popular, the company came up with an exciting feature, the Tonight-Only Deals. With this feature, travelers can get excellent last-minute hotel bookings in major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, etc. The users get options to book 4-star and 3-star hotel rooms with discounts of up to 35% on published price rates.  


Recently, in 2020, Priceline launched another excellent feature – Pricebreakers. For travelers who prefer to know more while booking, Pricebreakers was an apt solution. In this feature, users get three options, all of them having the same price. When you choose that deal, you will be offered a reservation or booking in one of those options. The right to choose what you get remains with Priceline. The online travel agency promises quality accommodations when you book via Pricebreakers. 

Priceline Experiences 

In 2022, Priceline came up with another exceptional feature – The Priceline Experiences. The feature allows users to book 80,000+ activities in over 100 countries. Apart from travel reservations, you can now book activities too. That has helped Priceline become one of the most well-recognized one-stop portals for travel. Often travelers face inconveniences while trying to book or reserve various activities locally. To ensure you get the best travel experience, Priceline Experience offers hassle-free reservations on activities of your choice.  

Benefits of Priceline 

Choosing Priceline to plan your vacation is an excellent idea. The service provider offers a plethora of benefits. Check these out – 

Hassle-free booking  

One of the most beneficial aspects of choosing Priceline is the easy booking system. The user interface is easy, and travelers don't get confused about what to do or how to proceed. Moreover, it hands over the entire control to the travelers. You can plan your trip, including the price, right from the start. The ability to control price rates and choose the most feasible one makes Priceline even more popular.  

Easy to cancel bookings 

Do you suddenly need to cancel your travel plans? Priceline makes it easy for customers to cancel or change bookings if needed. All you have to do is enter the email address and the trip number. Now, you can make changes to your trip. If that's not possible, you can always cancel it. If the issue persists and you don't know what to do, get in touch with customer service.  

Excellent customer service 

Priceline boasts of exceptional customer service support. You can always rely on the support team to offer assistance. You can go to the Help Center page and search for help articles or read the FAQs. You can also web chat, SMS text, WhatsApp your concern to the number given, or directly place a call. The team gets back immediately to help you resolve the problem.  

Best price guarantee 

VIP members of Priceline get access to an exclusive feature called the Best Price Guarantee. In this feature, travelers can submit a claim if they get a better deal on the bookings done within a timeframe of 24 hours. Travelers opting for Express Deals can get a 200% refund of the difference if they can submit a better deal. Users need to contact Priceline so that they can verify the price rate. Keep in mind that membership discounts or loyalty program price rates are not taken into consideration.  

How Does Sriggle Add Benefits to Your Travel Business? 

Sriggle is the leading travel technology service provider offering multiple innovative yet reliable products. We deliver a wide array of tech solutions like destination management software, travel portals, travel APIs, etc. Years of industry experience and a team of proficient experts enable us to offer high-quality yet hassle-free travel tech solutions. All our products are thoroughly tested and designed to ensure it is easy to integrate. With us helping you out, you can expect massive success with your travel business.  

Are you ready to partner with Sriggle for your travel company? In case, you have any queries or questions, get in touch with us right away. Our experts will answer all your questions! 

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