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OTA Software

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are at the sharp end of the travel business. Helping the consumer navigate through the complexities of travel processes is a challenge at the best of times.

With consumer expectations increasingly being set by the leaders in user experience (UX), rather than just by the best in travel, that challenge is going to another level.

OTA Challenges and Solution through Signature OTA

Travel shopping is shopping

  • Consumers experience of leading e-commerce sites, e.g. Amazon, is setting the bar on what sort of processes are acceptable on travel sites.
  • No longer are consumers happy with inflexible arbitrary pre-defined sequences of which products can be purchased together and in what order

Signature OTA Booking Cart

  • A familiar mechanism to online shoppers everywhere.
  • Let your clients personalize their packages when they use your site.
  • Delight your clients with a simple and familiar mechanism, so they can put together their trip their way.
OTA Industries
OTA Industries

Travel shopping is different

  • Travel shopping is a multi element multi stage iterative process. For any trip the combinations of purchases are infinite.
  • Consumers may want to consider how they combine different hotel combinations with different flight options, transfers and tours
  • As new possibilities are uncovered, spending can shift back and forth between the elements.
  • Does your site enable this process of consideration or only look to the booking stage?

Signature OTA Multi session shopping

  • On Signature OTA your client’s Shopping Cart is about much more than just booking.
  • Items placed in the Cart stay in the Cart. Over multiple sessions if that’s what your client needs.
  • This stickiness encourages your clients to return to your site as they build up their personal itinerary.

Integration is a never ending challenge

  • For the best prices and content an OTA increasingly needs to have access to a wide variety of platforms.
  • The GDS are still key platforms, but not the only ones.
  • Direct connects, bed banks and a host of aggregators are needed if your site is to remain competitive.

Signature OTA Integration is core

  • The architecture of Signature OTA has been designed around ensuring the quickest possible turn around to link the new suppliers.
  • We’re already integrated with GDS, bed banks and many other suppliers.
  • But the key to Signature OTA is the agility we can add new partners to support your business.
  • Our team is specialized in rapid integration of new platforms into the solution
  • Your clients will never have to settle for anything other than the best content
OTA Industries
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Make your travel technology experience better.

Sriggle’s flight booking software is an easy-to-use yet efficient system designed to help out different customers.

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