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Travelgate API Integration

Gain access to a massive travel network with seamless TravelgateX integration!

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Travelgate is well-known for being the biggest travel market network. The ecosystem offers access to a massive inventory of accommodation providers. With this connectivity marketplace, you can reach out to other leading travel industry companies. These include Hotelbeds, Expedia, Avoris, Agoda, and more! Businesses within this travel industry do not need to integrate multiple APIs anymore. Integrating Travelgate API makes it easy for companies for Hotel Bookings.

Access to a vast array of travel products will increase bookings, get more customers and enhance revenues. As a notable player in the travel industry, the company offers reliable yet efficient software solutions. The API is well-connected and gives profitable results. That is why Travelgate is a trustworthy partner for companies in the travel section.

Why use Travelgate API?

Travelgate is a top-rated marketplace prominent in the travel industry. The brand offers access to a massive inventory of suppliers. It bridges the gap between sellers and buyers seamlessly. The aggregation solution from Travelgate is one of a kind. You can get results from this massive network with a simple request. That way, you can increase the catalog of accommodation booking and improve accuracy even more.

Another exciting aspect that distinguishes Travelgate is the up-to-date inventory. One can get complete ownership of the API integration along with transparency over the transactions involved. You can even get access to tools from the company to set up accommodation booking within your business. The wide range of options entices businesses to choose this API integration. The self-service travel portal is equipped with apps that aid in making your business the best for your clients.

Travelgate API: Features

Travelgate is a highly effective marketplace offering access to a massive inventory of travel products. They have a wide array of features that makes Travelgate the best option for the travel business. Take a look at them –

  • Reliable internet booking engines
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Compatibility with multiple languages
  • Payment gateway integration
  • High-level security
  • The diverse network of buyers and sellers
  • User-friendly interface

Benefits of Integrating Travelgate API

Do you want to expand your travel business? In that case, integrating Travelgate API within your existing business is a great idea. The marketplace connects buyers to a diverse network of sellers without a fuss. You get access to well-known brands and service providers in the industry.

The travel portal helps businesses get more sales and improve response time. You will also get HCN or hotel confirmation number instantly. That ensures that the hotel is reserved and thus avoids future issues regarding the booking. You can assure 100% booking to your clients. Travelgate, the best Travel API, also collaborated with numerous third-party hotel mapping providers.

With more than 600 sellers worldwide, the options are endless. You can now offer multiple choices to your customers. That increases the chances of hotel bookings apps, thus increasing revenue for Travel Agencies. Apart from that, the Travelgate community is a huge help. You will get notifications of product releases, new versions, updates, etc. Moreover, becoming a partner with Travelgate is easy and hassle-free.

As a prominent travel tech company in the sector, Sriggle provides top-quality Online Travel Agency Software products. Our software solutions come with vital and easy-to-use features for Tour Operators. We have a crew of skilled professionals with years of expertise. You can definitely trust us to help you out!

Are you eager to know more about our Travel Agency Software solution? Speak to our experts to learn about our APIs!

Advanced Technology and Reliability

Sriggle takes great pride in being the leading travel tech company. We deliver premium-quality software solutions, APIs, and more to our clients. We ensure effectiveness and an easy-to-use interface within our products. Get in touch with us to grow your business even more!

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Why Opt for Travel Portal Development?

As a top-rated online travel platform, Sriggle offers high-quality travel portal development solutions. We help any travel agency or business increase sales, get more customers and attain more visibility.

Are you worried thinking investing in travel portal development might not be a good idea? In that case, that’s a valid standpoint! The travel portal is a centralized platform using advanced technology to provide feature-rich solutions. Knowing more about the customers is an excellent way to expand your travel business!

That is why choosing the right B2B technology solution as well as a B2C technology company is crucial. If done right, you will attain massive benefits.

Take a look at the features listed below to make the right decision –

  • Compatibility with multiple languages
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Redistribution API
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Advanced reports
  • SMS gateway
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Online travel booking engine
  • Offline travel bookings
  • Numerous sales channels like B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • Central Reservation System
  • Supplier APIs
  • Travel agent management
  • Credit limit and deposits
  • Connection to multiple third-party APIs
  • Handle discounts and rates

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