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Webbeds API Integration

Sriggle has seamlessly integrated with WebBeds, the travel industry's second-largest accommodation supplier, through their robust API connection

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Are You Looking for Webbeds API Integration?

If you're in the travel industry, integrating Webbeds API will help you operate your business more efficiently. It's an effective tool that can save you time, and money, and enhance client satisfaction.

Leading B2B travel company Webbeds provides a variety of lodging choices including hotels, apartments, villas, and resorts all around the world. It is one of the most complete travel suppliers in the business with a huge portfolio of over 250,000 properties in 10,000 locations.

Travel agencies can access a variety of travel products directly through their system thanks to the Webbeds API tool. It offers real-time rates and availability, allowing travel agencies to give their clients the best discounts on lodging, transportation, and activities.

Features of Webbeds API Integration

  • Real-time availability 

Travel agencies may provide their clients with the most recent availability and prices thanks to Webbeds API's real-time availability. It guarantees that your clients can access the most recent information, which can enhance their experience and raise the possibility of converting leads into sales.

  • Easy Integration

You don't need to invest time and money creating your system from scratch because the Webbeds API is simple to integrate into the system you already have. The majority of travel technology platforms, including channel managers, booking engines, and property management systems, are compatible with it.

  • Wide selection of products 

Hotels, apartments, villas, and resorts are just a few of the travel products that Webbeds API provides. It implies that you can give your clients a variety of choices, ensuring that they can find the right accommodation for their requirements.

  • Customizable

Because Webbeds API is adaptable, you can modify it to match your unique business requirements. The products that are displayed, the prices that are charged, and the search filters may all be altered to fit your brand.

  • Support for several currencies and languages 

You may sell your products to people all over the world thanks to Webbeds API's support in multiple currencies and languages. It implies that you may grow your company and appeal to a larger clientele.

Benefits of Webbeds API Integration

  • Increased Revenue 

You can give your consumers the finest rates since Webbeds API gives you affordable access to a large selection of travel-related products. It raises the possibility that sales will be converted, leading to increased revenue for your company.

  • Improved client experience 

Real-time availability and tariffs are provided via Webbeds API, guaranteeing that your clients have access to the most recent data. The customer experience is enhanced, and the possibility of repeat business rises.

  • Time-efficient

A quick fix that smoothly connects with your current system is Webbeds API. It lowers physical labor and saves time, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial facets of your company.

  • Cost-effective

The use of Webbeds API avoids the need to construct your system from scratch and is an economical option. It decreases the time to market and saves money on development costs.

  • Competitive benefit 

You may give your consumers a variety of options thanks to Webbeds API's access to a vast range of travel products. It helps you distinguish yourself from the competition and gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

How Sriggle can add benefit to your business?

The expert team of Sriggle specializes in developing and integrating travel technology solutions. They provide a wide range of services, such as channel management, API integration, and the development of booking engines. 

Look no further than Sriggle if you're looking for a travel technology partner who can assist you with integrating Webbeds API. Years of experience in developing and integrating travel technology solutions are available from our team of professionals. Here are some ways Sriggle can benefit your company:

  • Expertise

Sriggle is proficient in developing and integrating solutions for travel technology. They are well-versed in the field and can provide insightful advice on how to grow your company.

  • Customization

Your Webbeds API integration can be specifically tailored by our team of professionals to fit your unique business requirements. Additionally, they can develop new features and functions that will enhance your customers' experiences.

  • Support 

Sriggle offers ongoing assistance to make sure your system is functioning properly. They provide technical assistance, maintenance, and upgrades to keep your system updated and safe.

  • Compatibility with other systems 

Your Webbeds API can be integrated with other systems, such as payment gateways and CRM platforms, thanks to the expertise of our team. It guarantees that your company is operating well and that you have access to all the information you require.

  • Cost-effective

Sriggle provides solutions that are affordable and might help you cut development costs. Additionally, they can assist you in negotiating better prices with suppliers to acquire the finest offers on travel-related goods.

Get partnered with us to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

Reliability and Exemplary Excellence

This integration provides Sriggle's clients with an extensive array of accommodation options and dependable API connectivity, enabling them to effortlessly access and distribute it to their customers.

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