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Car APIs
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By integrating our Car API into your system, you can easily and transparently access thousands of third-party travel products with one click.

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Car API 

By integrating our Car API into your system, you can easily and transparently access thousands of third-party travel products with one click.

Are you eager to explore the foreign destination you have always wanted to visit? There are multiple perks to choosing a rental car. For instance, you don't have to depend on local transport or waste time trying to understand public transportation. Moreover, you can discover off-beaten paths and have the trip of your lifetime!

That is why car rentals have created a place in the travel industry. As a travel agent or a tour operator, offering car rental services is a must. The car rental industry is expanding massively, with more and more businesses investing in car API. 

Sriggle is the leading travel tech company in the market. With a team of skilled experts, we deliver premium-quality car API solutions. Our primary aim is to offer seamless integration of the car API within the existing system for our clients. Now, you can get rid of the time-consuming process and get connected with a vast network of suppliers and vendors! 

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GDS Car Rental Api’s Integration with the Global Brands

GDS, or Global Distribution System, is the spine of the travel industry. Global Distribution Systems store data related to travel, making it easier for companies and agents to access it. There are some major players involved in the car rental GDS domain. These are – Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus. 

Sabre APIs

Sabre offers a wide range of travel tech products, out of which car rental API is the most popular. Here, you will get access to 37+ car rental brands in more than 40K locations. You can use the diverse inventory to check, select and book transportation. 

Travelport APIs

Travelport provides a seamless Car rental booking system from its impressive GDS inventory. These include Axess, Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan. It is easy to search for vehicles and book them seamlessly after checking out the related info.

Amadeus APIs

The car rental API integration from Amadeus is one of a kind. The company offers a network of more than 69 car rental brands globally and locally. You can attain access to rates, booking, locations, and booking info with ease.

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OTA and Aggregator Car Rental APIs for Rental Industry

OTA and aggregators are an essential part of the car rental industry. They offer in-depth visibility to different car rentals and booking services. Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy brands –

Skyscanner API is a highly prevalent aggregator for car rentals. Here, users will get access to search queries, real-time prices, and car cost feeds (live). The brand also initiates partnerships with various car rental companies and displays them on its platform. 

Priceline Partner has a great collaboration with Rental cars content. The company offers data targeting associated with car rental to more than 180 countries. But, to be a partner, you need to make at least five bookings each day. 

Auto Europe is a widely known wholesale company offering car rental services to more than 180 countries. Apart from hiring vehicles, you can also get transfer and chauffeur services. The company has partnerships with various prominent brands in the travel industry. 

Discover Cars has gained massive popularity with its impressive inventory. It is one of the leading online travel agencies in the market. Here, you will get access to more than 10,000 locations in 145 countries. The brand offers numerous partner and affiliate programs. 

Rental Cars Affiliate Programs and Other Connectivity Approaches

The car rental industry offers various other approaches. Travel agencies don't necessarily need to have API integration. That means you can opt for affiliate programs and other solutions. 

Don’t understand what we are talking about? Expedia is a top-rated travel agency offering excellent affiliate programs. You can promote car rentals from Expedia on your website. The process is easy and hassle-free. You need to feature links related to Expedia on your site. Depending on the referral traffic Expedia gets, you earn money. 

There are other brands that offer various white-label solutions. Explore them and see what works best for your business!

Integrating and Partnering With Major Suppliers

Another way of getting connected with the car rental industry is to get into partnerships with prominent car rental suppliers. There are various major players available in the market. It is advisable to study them carefully, know more about their network and then choose the right ones!

Sriggle is one of the best travel tech companies offering top-quality solutions. With our car API integrations, you can expand your travel business even more. We boast of a team of experienced and skilled Car API Integration Service experts handling the development of the car API. From us, you can expect world-class results. 

Partner with us and try out our car API integration service today!

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Car Rental Industry Trends

Without a doubt, the car rental industry is going through a metamorphic stage. The industry is still growing, thus offering endless possibilities to companies. That is why businesses in this domain are always on the lookout for innovative approaches. An urge to increase revenue, get more customers and grow the company leads to the development of new services. 

Cost-effective traveling is propelling the car rental industry in the economic direction. People are looking for car rentals that they can share with others to save money and gain more mobility. Easy online booking has also played a significant role in making car rentals even more popular. The simple user interface, coupled with a hassle-free booking process, has attracted more customers. 

Environmental concerns are plaguing human minds, and rightfully so! The need to care for and protect the environment has led to the development and use of eco-friendly vehicles. Moreover, government policies favoring environmental conservation have helped the car rental industry. 

Economy cars have attained more requests. These are preferred more by popes due to the lower maintenance costs. Besides, users can also save money on fuel. 

Are you ready to grow your travel business? With Sriggle’s top-rated travel tech solutions, you can move ahead with lots of online booking services. Collaborate with us to increase revenue, expand your customer base, and much more!

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