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What is Volaris Airlines? 

Volaris Airlines, also known as Concesionaria Vuela Compañía de Aviación, S.A.P.I. de C.V., came into existence in 2003. The partnership of Discovery Americas I and Columbia Equity Partners investment funds with ACA Airlines led to the birth of this airline.  

Volaris self-credits itself as the “ultra-low-cost airline in Mexico". There are 550+ flights available daily on 196 routes. It also offers flights to 71 destinations. The destinations include the entirety of Mexico, Costa Rica, the US, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  

The first flight took place in 2006, and since then, Volaris Airlines have attained massive popularity. It is now the second-largest airline in Mexico and aims to make travel cheaper for travelers. 

Volaris Costa Rica, the first subsidiary of the airline was launched in 2016. It offers flights to various destinations in North and Central America. Thereafter, it launched other subsidiaries too.  

Top Features of Volaris Airlines 

Volaris Airlines offers a wide range of exciting features. Knowing more about them will make you the correct decision.  

Check out the features here – 

Multiple destinations 

Volaris Airlines have expanded significantly over the last few years. Now, it provides flights to a wide range of destinations. These include Mexico City, Guatemala, Tijuana, Leon, Morelia, Zacatecas, San Salvador, Culiacan, etc. The availability of so many destinations makes the airlines even more popular. That is why it has subsequently grown to become the second-largest one in Mexico.  


Volaris Airlines offers an exceptional feature with Ya Vas. It allows travelers to reserve vacation packages in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States. If you are on the lookout for cheap vacation packages, check out Ya Vas. Here, you will get flight and hotel deals at extremely low rates. Apart from flights and accommodation, the airlines offer transfers and rent a car.  

Hold your Fare 

Hold your fare is a great feature, making Volaris Airlines more popular. With this feature, travelers can book a flight and make the payment 72 hours later. That means there is no need to make instant payments. If you are not too sure about your travel plans, hold your fare is the best option. If you do not make the payment within the next 72 hours, the reservation gets canceled. The airlines send an email with the reservation code and the amount that needs to be paid. 

Flexibility Combo 

Understanding the need of travelers to make changes frequently to their plans led to the development of the Flexibility Combo. With this feature, users can make changes to time and data for an unlimited period. However, there might be a difference in the fare as per the Combo Terms and Conditions.  

Cross Border Xpress 

CBX, or the Cross Border Xpress, is a special feature that allows travelers to cross the Tijuana-San Diego border safely and quickly. Here, users do not have to pay the extra service fee while using the bridge to cross the border.  

Benefits of Volaris Airlines 

There are multiple benefits of opting for Volaris Airlines. Take a look at some of them listed below – 

Extremely cheap rates 

One of the most critical advantages you get from Volaris Airlines is the low-price rates. If you don’t have much budget, choosing this airline is a great idea. However, you must remember that cheap fares will not bring high-quality or premium services. For instance, there is no source of entertainment within the flight. If you get bored, you will have to take care of that yourself. Besides, there is no Wi-Fi available. If you want to check emails, you can download the airline app.  

Serving food and drink 

Despite being a low-price carrier, Volaris Airlines offers food and drink to the passengers. The travelers are offered light refreshments like potato chips, sandwiches, etc., along with soft drinks. After the take-off occurs, the cabin crews offer these foods and drinks to the travelers via a trolley.  

Two check-in options 

Volaris Airlines offer two different check-in options. You can check in from the airport or online. You can also use the Volaris app in the online method. Here, passengers need to check in via the website or app or Facebook Messenger. For the airport check-in, you need to reach 2 hours before your domestic flight or 3 hours before the international flight. flyer program 

Though Volaris Airlines do not have a conventional frequent flyer program, it has the It is a subscription-based program that enables travelers to get exclusive prices on various flights. You can also get exciting deals.  

V.pass program 

Another interesting subscription-based flyer program that Volaris offers is v.pass. Here, you need to pay a fixed monthly fee, and in return, you get the best deals. Plus, there is no surcharge even in the peak season. However, you need to add extra services (you need them) before the flight. program 

Volaris also provides a membership program for business trips. Called, it offers a wide array of advantages. For starters, you can make unlimited changes to the time or date of your flight. Besides, you can also choose what standard seat you want. You can even skip the queue and board first to make sure your carry-on has a place. It is easy to move flights forward and hold your fare for 24 hours. You will also get to experience personalized service from the executives.  

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