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Sriggle - Your Trusted B2C Travel Portal Development Company. Crafting unforgettable travel experiences, one portal at a time.

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B2C Travel Portal Development Company

As one of the most well-reputed travel tech companies in the tourism sector, Sriggle offers top-of-the-line B2C travel portals. We have enjoyed the status of being the best B2C Travel Portal Development Company with our high-quality travel solutions. With this B2C travel portal, we aim to simplify the reservation process for B2C customers globally. The assistance of the tools, resources, and insights help corporate customers, travel agencies, and end users get the service they need to plan travel seamlessly. It also directs the sales to the travel portal of the company. 

B2C Travel Portal has a significant impact on businesses in the tourism industry. It is an excellent way to create a reliable B2C marketplace. B2C marketing is one of the most essential aspects of a business. Direct business-to-customer marketing aids in business growth, the development of new relationships, an increase in revenue, and more!

With the B2C booking system, the end users get the tools necessary to complete the booking process quickly and efficiently. The simplification of the different travel-related processes enhances the appeal of the B2C travel portal. It also offers customers the option to search, check out, and proceed with travel bookings themselves. 

We provide different types of travel portal solutions involving multiple third-party API integrations. These include car booking, hotel booking, flight booking, and more! With these integrations, travel agents or tour operators can sell different travel products with ease.

Our travel portal solutions integrate different APIs such as transportation, hotels, activities, flights, etc.

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B2C Travel Portal Development for Online Travel Software

With Sriggle’s B2C Travel Portal Development solution, you can expect an increase in business revenue. Moreover, the travel solution is suitable for any business, irrespective of its size. We aim to make travel businesses operate more smoothly and efficiently. 

The B2C Travel Portal Development software from Sriggle is an excellent option for travel businesses. We provide a wide array of dynamic features, making it possible for end users to proceed with bookings. The result is faster and simpler booking with positive client reviews and increased satisfaction. With this B2C travel portal, you can satisfy the needs of different types of clients, ranging from corporate users to end-to-end users. 

Our highly efficient online travel management system uses the most advanced tech. For that, our crew of proficient domain experts combine the latest tools and infuse creativity for the development of the best travel portal solution. Now, OTAs or online travel agents can consolidate the inventory for reselling purposes from various API vendors and suppliers. 

You can expect our B2C travel portal solution to offer assistance with a wide range of travel products. These include easy and hassle-free flight booking, car booking, rental booking, hotel booking, etc.

Sriggle provides the best B2C Booking Engine software in the market. The business-to-client travel solution offers excellent help to travel agencies and freelance agents. You can definitely expect an increase in the ratio of profits and customers.

The comprehensive and robust online-based booking platform delivers excellent solutions. We integrate various product sources for availability and price rates on the website directly. That way, the customers can check out the travel products. 

Want to grow your travel business rapidly? Check out the B2B Travel Portal from Sriggle now!

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Services We Provide for B2C Travel Portal Development

At Sriggle, we offer a wide array of services for B2C Travel Portal Development. Take a look at these services listed here –

User-friendly platform

The B2C travel portal from Sriggle is an easy-to-use platform. The solution is designed specifically to help out different types of customers. Even end-users with little to no technical experts can log into the portal and use it without hassle. That increases the appeal of the travel solution and improves the reputation of the travel company. 

Efficient product management

Sriggle’s B2C travel portal comes with a wide range of travel products. The access to different third-party APIs and GDSs makes the portal even more appealing. The travel software manages the travel product portfolio with ease. You can gain access to the hotel, flight, car booking, etc., from the solution without much fuss. 

Detailed reporting

For any business, including travel ones, to succeed, in-depth reports are crucial. You need to know more about sales, inventory, accounts, etc., in order to make critical business decisions. The effective B2C travel portal from Sriggle comes with an excellent reporting service. You can get access to these reports and analyze them for future purposes.

Tracking dashboard

The back end of the B2C travel portal is designed for travel agencies and tour agents. Here, these professionals can use the dashboard to track the bookings, availability, and price rates. That way, you can keep the business organized and move with your future plans. 

Mobile responsiveness

In today’s era, most users prefer mobile phones for flight or hotel bookings. That is why it is vital to ensure the app or website is responsive on mobile devices. 

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How does B2C Travel Portal Development Work?

In order to understand the workings of the B2C Travel Portal, one needs to first understand what the B2C Travel Portal is. The B2C Travel Portal is a booking solution or software that enables travelers or users to sell different types of travel products. These include hotels, airport transfers, flights, etc. 

In order to meet the increasing demands of the tourism industry, the portal needs to be user-friendly. It also needs to include must-have features and products to make it appealing to end users. For that, it is vital to know more about the customers interested in using the B2C travel portal.

The B2C Travel Portal allows users to book from multiple devices and browsers seamlessly. That leads to easy and secured reservations of various travel products. The availability of self-service tools makes the solution the best choice for end users. 

The working of the B2C travel portal development solution is simple. The front end of the solution has a user-friendly interface that enables users to check out, book, and pay for the products without much hassle. 

On the other hand, the back end of the B2C travel portal development solution is dedicated to travel agencies and different tour organizations. As different businesses follow distinct procedures and regulations, you need to configure the features and set up the system accordingly.

Sriggle’s B2C Travel Portal offers a one-in-all solution to travelers across the globe. You can now bid adieu to various travel issues and resolve the problems of the customers quickly. Increased customer satisfaction is an excellent way to enhance revenues. With positive reviews and an easy-to-use travel portal, expanding the business becomes easier.

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Advanced Features of B2C Travel Portal Development

The Online Travel Portal for B2C customers from Sriggle comes with a wide array of features. These include – 

  • Different booking engines

The integration of multiple booking engines is crucial for the success of the B2C Travel Portal Development solution. Sriggle offers various booking engines such as vacation, transfer, flight, activity, hotel, etc. The importance of online booking engines is massive for the tourism industry. Travelers can now make bookings without any help from agents or organizations. 

  • Integration of third-party APIs

Without the integration of multiple third-party APIs, a B2C Travel Portal doesn’t make sense. In fact, it won’t get the success the travel company envisions. The access to different APIs enables end-users to choose from the extensive network of suppliers and vendors for flights, hotels, cars, etc. 

  • Front and back office management 

Another critical feature of the B2C Travel Portal from Sriggle is the easy handling of different back-office and front-office duties. That makes it easy for you to concentrate on other aspects of the business. It also aids in reducing manpower and saving operational costs. You can also save time and expect error-free completion of tasks.

  • Customization

Customization is the key feature of a travel portal. It is generally a much more valuable feature for the back-end part of the solution. Travel agencies and agents can use this feature to curate personalized tour packages for customers. For that, extensive research on the customers you get on the platform is a must. 

  • Live chat and support

Round-the-clock support to customers is essential for the success of the travel business. The portal offers the option of live chat and 24/7 support for any inquiries from end-users.

Benefits Of B2C Travel Portal Development

The leading B2C Travel Agency, Sriggle, offers a revolutionary B2C Travel Portal for travel agencies and tour operators. Now you must be wondering – why should I invest in this travel portal? That is actually a valid question and needs to be answered.

Take a look at the advantages listed here in order to make a well-informed decision. 

  • Increase in revenue

The integration of the best B2C travel portal within the website is an excellent idea. Now, customers can book flights, hotels, etc., with simple clicks. The process involves logging into the platform, checking out the real-time availability of the products, and making the bookings. It is an excellent way to generate more sales, thereby attaining more revenues. 

  • Automation in bookings

One of the most prominent advantages of the travel portal is the automation of various travel booking processes. After the booking is done, the data is collected and stored in the central hub for future use. Instantly, the user and company get notified of the change, and the booking is confirmed.

  • Interaction with customers

To expand your business, even more, it is vital to pay attention to your customer's needs and opinions. For instance, you can integrate a contact form or discussion form to learn more about your customers. That way, you can understand their mindset and make changes accordingly. 

  • Access to real-time data

Real-time data aids in making critical decisions for your business. You can modify price rates or create tour packages instantly for the customers on the platform. That ultimately boosts sales and aids in improving the reputation of the travel company. 

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Make your travel technology experience better.

Check out the excellent B2C travel portal from Sriggle right away!

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