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Globaltix API Integration

Manage your inventory and deliver an exceptional guest experience with Globaltix. 

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Globaltix API Integration with Sriggle

As the leading distribution and reservation service provider offering reliable B2B technology solutions, Globaltix is one of a kind. It empowers travel businesses to streamline regular business operations and obtain more bookings. The platform connects travel agents and the Travel Operation module to various tourist activities. 

Globaltix assures an increase in revenue, improved productivity, and a better guest experience. Its reliable products include booking software, channel manager, and management tools. With these software solutions, you can make a name for yourself in the industry!

Why Opt for Globaltix?

Globaltix boasts of offering top-quality and reliable software products in the market. GT Marketplace empowers travel agencies to list their activities, enabling them to be discovered by resellers globally.

You can also use the channel manager to connect to reseller partners and OTAs. 

The wide range of management tools makes Globaltix the premium guest experience platform. The tools include instant confirmation, a smart scanner, CRM tools, and more! Besides, Tailoring products and managing them is easy and hassle-free with the booking software

Globaltix: Features

Globaltix is one of the best reservation platforms delivering top-notch products. The wide range of software solutions comes with a wide range of features. These are –

  • Easy customization
  • Direct bookings from the website
  • Multi-language support
  • Brand loyalty-building tools
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Capacity management
  • Powerful dashboards
  • Ticketing kiosk
  • Instant confirmation
  • Email reminders
  • Dynamic pricing

Is Integrating Globaltix Advantageous for Your Business?

Are you enthusiastic about growing your travel business? API Integration from Globaltix offers several benefits. You can use these products to improve sales and get more customers. The APIs have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to search through the travel products available. 

Known for reliability, transparency, and premium-quality products, Sriggle is a top-travel platform. We provide a wide range of Online Travel Agency Software solutions, travel APIs, and more for the travel sector. Our objective is to assist companies to get more recognition, improve sales, and expand customer base. 

Are you interested in integrating Globaltix into your existing business? Get in touch with us and learn more from our experts today!

Innovation & Modern Technology

Sriggle is a prominent travel tech company offering a wide range of high-quality software solutions. We aim to provide assistance to travel agencies and tour operations by delivering dynamic Travel Agency Software products. Our products are reliable and efficient and boast a user-friendly interface. You can rely on our expert team to help you grow. 
In case you want to opt for our travel APIs, get in touch with us! Our experts will guide you through the entire process!

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The Necessity of Travel Portal Development

In today's fast-paced world, the necessity of a robust travel portal cannot be overstated. Sriggle, as a leading travel portal development service provider, understands the critical role that a well-designed travel portal plays in the success of travel businesses. Our commitment lies in crafting exceptional, custom-made travel portals that cater to the unique needs of travel agencies.

Our primary objective is to establish a centralized platform that empowers travel agencies to not only gain valuable insights but also elevate their customer service to unparalleled levels. In a highly competitive industry like travel, choosing the right travel portal becomes a strategic decision that can define the trajectory of your business.

Here, we highlight some of the most crucial features that a modern travel portal should encompass:

  • Central Reservation System: A central hub for managing reservations, ensuring seamless booking experiences for travelers.
  • Diverse Global Inventory: Access to a wide range of travel options worldwide, allowing you to cater to various customer preferences.
  • Dynamic Fare Caching: Real-time pricing and availability updates to provide customers with the most accurate information.
  • Internet Booking Engines: User-friendly booking interfaces that simplify the reservation process.
  • Transactional Accounting: Efficient management of financial transactions for transparency and accuracy.
  • Search Filters: Intuitive search functionalities to help customers find their ideal travel options quickly.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Secure and hassle-free payment processing for seamless transactions.
  • Travel Agent Management: Streamlined tools for managing travel agents and their bookings effectively.
  • Third-Party APIs Integration: Integration with third-party services and platforms to expand the range of offerings.
  • Multiple Languages Support: A global reach with support for multiple languages, enhancing accessibility for diverse audiences.
  • Supports Various Currencies: Facilitation of transactions in different currencies to cater to a global customer base.
  • Numerous Sales Channels: Multi-channel sales capabilities to maximize your reach and revenue potential.

In an era where travelers seek convenience, personalized experiences, and a seamless booking process, investing in a comprehensive travel portal is not just an option but a necessity. Sriggle is dedicated to helping travel businesses thrive in this digital age, providing them with the tools and technology needed to stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. Choose Sriggle, and embark on a journey to transform your travel business for the better.

Enhance Your Travel Business with Seamless Sriggle API Integration

Elevate your travel business by harnessing the power of Sriggle API integration. Experience operational efficiency and delight your customers for sustained success in a fiercely competitive industry.

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Sriggle API Integration

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