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Viva Aerobus
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IAMSA, the nation's largest bus operator company based in Mexico's Monterrey International Airport, fully controls the low-cost airline Viva Aerobus, which Irelandia Aviation co-founded and invested in. When Viva Aerobus first started flying in November 2006, there was just one nonstop service. Today, there are more than 100,000 flights a year between Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, the United States, and more than 40 more destinations on more than 130 routes. Its six bases are located in Cancun, Mexico City, Mérida, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana.

Background of Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus is a low-cost airline that was founded in Mexico in 2006.  In its 14-year history, the company has transported almost 64.5 million passengers, fast making it one of the most lucrative and accessible airlines in the region. Viva Aerobus concentrates on offering the lowest base fares and targets budget-conscious leisure clients, VFRs, and SME business travelers in addition to bus passengers. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic's challenges, Viva Aerobus had the highest operational volume growth rate in 4Q20, which helped to boost domestic demand. The firm's distinctive business strategy, simple operations, strategic alliance with Grupo IAMSA, and favorable demographic and economic circumstances in Mexico are all factors that led to its success.

Advantages of Choosing Viva Aerobus

Below are the advantages of choosing viva aerobus:

  • Creative Approach

Viva Aerobus encourages innovation in its business practices and works to improve passengers' entire travel experiences. In order to satisfy changing consumer expectations and boost productivity, the airline is always investigating new technology and services.

  • Services that are optional 

Viva Aerobus provides optional services that let customers tailor their trip to their personal interests. These services, which give passengers flexibility and more comfort, may include seat selection, priority boarding, upgraded baggage allowances, and in-flight amenities.

  • Easy Online Booking 

Viva Aerobus offers a user-friendly online booking platform that makes it simple for visitors to look up flights, assess pricing, and book tickets. The user-friendly design and streamlined procedure help to ensure a smooth booking experience.

  • Standards for safety and quality

Viva Aerobus places a high priority on customer safety and adheres to rigorous standards for quality. To guarantee that customers have a safe and comfortable trip, the airline maintains its fleet in accordance with industry norms and puts safety measures into place.

  • Cost-Effective Fares 

Vivo Aerobus is renowned for providing inexpensive airfares, making it a great option for those on a tight budget. The airline has a low-cost business model, giving customers access to reasonable prices without sacrificing service or safety.

  • Wide Route Network

Numerous local and foreign destinations are served by the vast route network that Viva Aerobus operates. Travelers have a wide range of alternatives and flexibility thanks to this extensive coverage while organizing their vacations.

  • Effective Operations 

Viva Aerobus places a high priority on upholding effective operations, which translates into on-time arrival and dependable service. The airline makes an effort to stick to its flight schedules to make sure that passengers arrive at their destinations on time.

Exclusive features of the Viva Aerobus Mobile App

Below mentioned are the exclusive features of the Viva Aerobus mobile application:

  • Booking a flight 

The app enables users to look for flights, assess prices, and purchase tickets right from their smartphones. The locations of departure and destination, the dates of travel, and the flight alternatives are all simply selectable for passengers.

  • Reservation Management

Through the app, users can easily manage their flight reservations. This involves verifying the accuracy of the ticket, making arrangements for the reservation (if permitted by the fare restrictions), choosing seats, and adding add-on services like upgrades to the baggage allowance.

  • Check-In Through Mobile

Passengers can use the app to directly check-in for flights from their mobile devices. The requirement for printed tickets is removed, saving time at the airport and enabling users to get their boarding permits instantly.

  • Flight Information in Real Time 

Through the app, users can access the most recent flight information. This covers current flight information, gate details, departure and arrival timings, as well as any prospective adjustments or delays.

  • Information on Baggage 

Passengers can access information about Viva Aerobus's luggage rules via the app. The permitted baggage dimensions, weight limits, and any additional fees or taxes for excess or excessive baggage are all available to users.

  • Reminders and Alerts

To advise users of critical developments affecting their flights, the app provides push notifications and alarms. This covers notifications of check-in deadlines, boarding times, gate adjustments, and any other pertinent information.

  • Travel Schedule

Within the app, users may access their whole travel schedule. This covers all travel-related information, such as airline information, hotel reservations (if made through Viva Aerobus), and any extra services or activities.

  • Loyalty Program 

The Viva Fan loyalty program, run by Viva Aerobus, is integrated with the app. Through the app, travelers may keep track of their loyalty points, see their tier status, and instantly redeem prizes or privileges.

  • 24/7 Customer Assistance

Passengers can contact the customer care team at Viva Aerobus using the app for any assistance or questions they may have.

  • Special Offers and Promotions

Users of the app may be eligible for special offers, discounts, and promotions on flights and other services provided by Viva Aerobus that are related to travel.

Reasons to Integrate Viva Aerobus Software in Your Travel Website

If you are running a travel business, it is essential to know the reasons why it is important to integrate viva aerobus software into your travel website. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Enhanced Flight Inventory

Travel agencies can access a larger flight portfolio by using Viva Aerobus software. This enables them to provide a wide selection of flight options to their patrons, including inexpensive rates offered by Viva Aerobus. It enables the business to accommodate various traveller tastes and spending levels, boosting client happiness and retention.

  • Information on flights in real time

Real-time flight information is accessible through the Viva Aerobus software, including flight status updates, departure and arrival times, and gate information. By incorporating this function, travel agencies can give consumers accurate and current information, guaranteeing a hassle-free trip. It aids in controlling consumer expectations and lessens the possibility of delays or interruptions.

  • Associated Services 

Access to auxiliary services like seat selection, upgraded baggage allowances, and in-flight comforts may also be included in the Viva Aerobus software connection. This improves the user experience by offering more choices and customization. These services can be provided by travel agencies to their clients, increasing revenue streams and elevating client happiness.

  • Enhanced Operational Effectiveness

The operating procedures for travel agencies can be streamlined by integrating Viva Aerobus software. It automates numerous processes, such as inventory control, ticket distribution, and reservation administration, minimizing manual labor and the possibility of mistakes. This boosts overall operational effectiveness, enabling travel agencies to concentrate on offering top-notch customer care and expanding their businesses.

  • Opportunities for Collaboration 

Viva Aerobus software integration makes it possible to collaborate and form new alliances. Travel agencies can work more closely with Viva Aerobus, consider collaborating on marketing campaigns, and gain from cross-promotion. These alliances may result in more exposure, access to special offers, and a larger consumer base.

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