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Sriggle is the leading travel technology company in the market. We deliver high-quality travel solutions for our B2B and B2C clients. Our products offer incredible assistance to tour operators, travel agents, sub-agents, travel organizations, and more!

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Hotel Booking Software

The hotel booking software from Sriggle is one of a kind. The online booking engine enables guests to use the hotel website to handle bookings seamlessly. It is also an excellent way to collect payments and secure reservations at the desired hotel. 

Now, guests can make reservations directly from the website of the hotel. The complex security and simple navigation features enhance the appeal of the hotel booking system. 

With reliable and effective hotel booking software, hotels can increase overall revenues considerably. The booking prevents commissions involved in booking and aids in maximizing profits. Nowadays, most travelers prefer to book accommodations online. That has caused the hotel industry to invest in travel tech. The development of a website with the best hotel booking software is the need of the hour. 

The convenience and quick confirmation or booking have made the hotel booking app popular among travelers. In fact, in order to remain relevant in this highly competitive industry, hotels must ensure that their guests can book rooms online smoothly. 

With years of industry expertise, we are well aware of the need to provide high-quality services to clients. That is why our team of skilled and experienced professionals develops hotel booking software using the latest tech. Advanced technology with creative design makes the product highly appealing to our B2B and B2C customers. 

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How Does the Hotel Booking System Work?

The hotel booking system is basically an online booking engine that aids in processing hotel reservations smoothly. Here, the bookings made by the hotel website are handled. Travelers can check out the availability of accommodations in real time and then proceed with the online bookings. After this, the system offers instant confirmations of the bookings. It is an excellent way to attain complete customer satisfaction. 

There are two aspects of the online hotel booking system. These include the front end, which the customers use, and the back end, which is handled by tour operators and travel businesses. 

The front end of the hotel booking system has a user-friendly layout. That is to make sure that the customers can search, check, book, and make payments for the accommodations smoothly. Generally, first-time customers fill out a form giving the details necessary to make the process simpler. 

After that, the users must create an account and log in with a password. The booking systems invest heavily in security. Thus, you can opt for online payments without worrying about fraud. After the booking is done, the users get instant notifications that offer detailed information on the booking. 

On the other hand, the back end of the hotel booking system has efficient dashboard management. Here, travel businesses can set up, handle, and check out the bookings while being notified of the real-time availability of rooms.

As each business has different policies and regulations, you will need to configure and set up the system on your end. After that, the process is simple, and you can work with the guest house booking system without much hassle. 

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Which Are The Best Features Of An Online Hotel Booking System?

There are several features that make the automated cloud hotel management system the best one in the market. Take a look at some of the most crucial ones –

Reservation Management

It is true that travelers choose different ways to make hotel reservations. That is why you need to offer multiple choices to the users. These include hotel websites, front desk, telephone, SMS, and OTAs or online travel agents. For handling reservations from different sources smoothly, the function of the reservation management system is critical. 

Channel Management

Channel management is one of the most vital features of an ideal online hotel booking system. The solution handles various distribution channels that sell hotel inventory globally. These include OTAs or online travel agents, GDS or global distribution systems, Meta search engines, etc. It is an excellent way to reach a wider customer base.

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Offering multiple currency options is incredibly necessary. That is the only way to expand globally and increase reach in other parts of the world. It presents an excellent opportunity to garner more customers. Ensure the system can reset the currency as per the IP address of the user.

Payment Gateway

The best hotel booking system must offer multiple secure payment gateways. A payment gateway is software that enables users to proceed with payments on the app or website without the fear of getting duped. The hotel booking software must allow different types of payments for convenience and hassle-free booking!

Other features include

  • Hotel search
  • Hotel booking
  • Report generation
  • Hotel APIs
  • Multi-language support
  • Back-office management

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Why Travel Agencies Now Should Use The Online Reservation System?

Before you invest in an online hotel reservation system, it is vital to understand its benefits. That way, you can go ahead with a critical business decision without having second doubts. There are multiple advantages one can gain from an online reservation system. These include –

  • Simplification of different booking processes

The online reservation system streamlines different aspects related to travel. For instance, booking a hotel room is now easy and hassle-free. The user simply needs to log in, check the real-time availability of rooms and proceed with the booking and payment. 

  • Saves time

Manpower is hard to find these days, and seeking talented ones for menial tasks is a waste of skill. You can instead hire professionals for other business purposes. The system automated various front-end and back-end tasks, saving time and manual labor. 

  • Instant booking updates

The user gets instant notifications after the booking is done. A few seconds are needed to transfer and collect the data on the CRS. After that, the hotel and user both receive confirmation updates. 

  • Better customer experience

The easy-to-use features and quick action make the online reservation system appealing to travel businesses. Now, you can earn positive responses and improve the experience of the customers. 

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What is a Hotel Management Reservation System?

The hotel reservation system, also known as the central reservation system or CRS, is a highly valuable technological solution for the hotel sector. It is software that aids the easy management of room inventory, bookings, and price rates. The software is either integrated within the PMS or property management system or is a standalone product connected to it. 

The hotel reservation software, or the CRS, is the central point of the reservation system of the entire hotel. It generally includes the channel manager, accounting, website booking software, revenue management system, and more! The seamless integration of these components is necessary for the smooth functioning of the hotel. 

Do you want to know more about the hotel reservation system? In that case, learning about its working can offer a great deal of knowledge. The team responsible for handling the system uploads the rate codes, inventory, and other critical aspects within the CRS. After that, the data is distributed to several booking channels via the channel management system. 

When the user books the room from any of the channels, the data is immediately collected. It is then transferred to the CRS, where it is stored for future usage. After that, an update is given to the user and the distribution channels about the booking. 

In order for the hotel reservation process to work without a hitch, all the components must work seamlessly. That is why the integration of these solutions into the CRS is essential and must be handled cautiously!

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The New Shape of Travel Business by Sriggle Software

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