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Hotel Contracting
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Sriggle’s hotel contracting system is robust, reliable, and efficient. Travel agencies and tour operators can manage hotels and information related to them seamlessly.

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Hotel Contracting System

As a well-known and reliable travel tech company in the market, Sriggle releases dynamic products. The Hotel Contracting Software from Sriggle is precisely designed for the travel industry. The advanced platform allows hotels to provide in-depth information, which tour operators and travel companies can upload. After that, travelers can acquire access to the information and select hotels accordingly. 

Our hotel contracting system is a perfect replacement for the traditional or offline contracting system. Online software solutions use API or XML integrations to work efficiently. 

The hotel contract system is a boon for both hoteliers and travel agencies. It benefits the accommodation providers immensely. All they need to do is provide the necessary information to the travel agencies, tour operators, and agents 

In order to be in the limelight of the online booking engine, hotels must provide all kinds of data to travel companies. These include types of rooms, rates for the rooms available, occupancy status, rates for off-season and peak seasons, amenities offered, etc. It also covers information about the price of extra beds, cancellation policies, rates for special events, rules related to children and pets, etc. 

Without the assistance of the hotel contracting software, managing all this information can be exhausting. Can you imagine handling the inventories of different hotels while maintaining their rates for various seasons? The task is daunting and needs total concentration. To eliminate the prospect of errors and save time, using the best hotel contracting system is a good idea. Here, you can opt for the full-fledged software solution from Sriggle. 

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Features of Best Hotel Contracting Software

Do you want to opt for excellent hotel contracting software? In that case, you need to look at the various features. Every reliable and efficient hotel contracting software needs to have these must-have features. Take a look –

Hotel Overview

The hotel overview provides specific information related to the hotel. That means it will cover the foundation date, the story behind the existence of the hotel, the location, the amenities provided, and more. The hotelier can also choose to divulge more information. These can include a description of the room, check-in and check-out timings, activities or places to visit nearby, etc. 

Moreover, relevant policies such as refund and cancellation must be provided in detail. If the hotel wants to add a new policy, it must be mentioned. Keep in mind that the guest mustn't encounter inconvenience after the booking. 

Hotel information

With this feature, one can get all the information related to hotels. These include hotel location, number of rooms available, ratings, size, amenities, reviews, etc. Apart from this, hotel information also contains the reservation number, contact number, address, email id, etc., of the different hotels. Another vital aspect is that management information also needs to be present here. It is this information that most travelers seek while booking hotel rooms. 


One of the most crucial aspects of any accommodation, including hotels, is the amenities or facilities available. It is the first thing that travelers seek while booking a hotel. For instance, the hotel needs to specify if they can offer geysers, air conditioners, wardrobes, tables, chairs, etc. Other amenities include a balcony, pool, gym, terrace, BBQ, etc. 

It is easy to add the amenities that specific hotels offer. All you have to do is tick-mark the ones your hotel offers and keep the others unticked.

Rate master

It is vital to understand that different seasons come with different price rates for hotels. For instance, in the peak season, the prices go up inevitably. Rate master allows hoteliers to define the rates for seasons such as Eid, New Year’s, rush season, etc. You can choose these options. However, if you want to add another season to this list, you just need to select the child option. That way, the child season is associated with the peak or parent season. 

With this, one can place different price rates based on the season for the hotel. The currency of the price rates is based on the location of the hotel. For instance, if it is in India, the cost will be available in Rupees. 

Meal rates

Meal rates are basically the prices of the food offered by the hotel. It generally includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moreover, the hotels can also specify if they offer complimentary breakfast or not. Apart from that, a comprehensive menu and prices of the items must also be mentioned. If food items are served based on half-plate and full-plate, prices for both need to be updated. 

Moreover, you also need to select Markets in order to specify the nationality of the hotel. The software offers a solution based on that. For instance, in UAE, the New Year's Eve Gala Dinner is compulsory. 

Room master

Room master is one of the most critical features of the hotel contacting system. Here, one can edit and add the capacity of the hotel rooms. Firstly, the occupancy status of the room needs to be defined. For instance, the room can be single, double, triple, and even for six people. However, it is vital to mention the child and adult capacity. In a single room, there can be only one adult. If anyone else wants to stay, they have to opt for an extra bed that will cost more. 

Generally, extra beds for adults are charged while for the children it is offered for free. It is crucial to understand that the policy may change based on season and availability. 

Cancellation policy

Every accommodation provider needs to set terms and conditions that define their own cancellation policies. The cancellation policy needs to have in-depth information about the charges, when they are applicable, paybacks, and other necessary details. This policy is applicable for all rooms and can be set as per peak season, off-season, etc. 

Sriggle offers the best Hotel Contracting System. The wide range of features makes it an obvious choice for travel businesses. Check out the tech solution today!

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Benefits of using Sriggle's Hotel contracting Software

Sriggle is the leading travel technology company in the industry. One of the most promising software solutions we have delivered is Hotel Contracting software. It comes with a vast array of features, making it incredibly appealing to accommodation providers and travel agencies.

You can get multiple benefits by using our hotel contracting software. Take a look –

  • Simplification of the complex hotel contracting process

Traditionally, hotel contracts between hotels and other agencies were based on agreements made on legal papers. As a result, the process was tedious, complicated, and time-consuming. With Sriggle’s hotel contracting software, the process is simplified. That way, you can save time, energy, and extra resources. 

  • Excellent management of rates and discounts

Different hotels provide varying price rates and discounts during the peak and off seasons. Keeping track of all the hotels is nearly impossible. For that, the assistance of hotel contracting software is essential. You can rely on Sriggle for that. Our reliable hotel contracting software offers hassle-free support of discount and rate updates seamlessly. 

  • Maintain balance with different contracted hotels

As a travel agency, you are bound to be in contact with multiple hotels and accommodation providers. Having a one-on-one conversation or regular touch is nearly impossible. However, Sriggle’s hotel contracting software helps in maintaining the balance between the contracted hotels. 

  • Less worry for accommodation providers

With the contracts and work associated with it handled by the software, accommodation providers can focus on improving the guest experience. Since they don’t have to constantly update the rates or keep an eye on the occupancy status, they can take care of the needs of guests with ease. 

  • Increase in revenue 

Travel agencies, tour operators, and agents use the best hotel contracting software to handle this aspect of holiday package creation. For this, you can rely on Sriggle. As the software solution manages hotel contracts, they can work on other areas. It will eventually lead to an increase in sales, better margins, and more revenue. 

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