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The most popular airline in India for booking flights is MakeMyTrip. Experience exceptional value at the lowest cost with the lowest fare guarantee. Current flight status, instant fare drop, incredible discounts, instant refunds and rebook choices, price comparisons, and many more intriguing features are all guaranteed by instant notifications.

Established in 2000, MakeMyTrip has established itself as one of the top businesses by giving many of its clients fantastic deals, affordable flights, special discounts, and a smooth online booking experience. When using our desktop website or mobile app, arranging your travel arrangements, including hotels and flights, is completely simple and hassle-free.

Benefits of using Make My Trip

  • Multiple Travel Services Options Available

MakeMyTrip provides a wide variety of travel services, such as booking flights, hotels, vacation packages, bus and train ticketsrental cars, and more. MakeMyTrip makes it simple for users to plan and book their entire vacation from a single source by giving them access to different travel services on a single platform.

  • Large Inventory

Users of MakeMyTrip get access to a huge selection of flights and accommodation options because of relationships with several airlines, hotels, and other travel service providers. Users can compare rates and select from a variety of possibilities, making sure they find the best offers and choices that fit their needs and budget.

  • Easy Access to Website or Mobile App Interface

Users may easily look for flights, hotels, and other travel services on MakeMyTrip's user-friendly website and mobile app. The website offers a number of filters and sorting tools to narrow down search results, assisting users in finding the best selections quickly.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer service is offered by MakeMyTrip via its call centre and online chat. Users can contact the support team for immediate assistance if they have any questions or problems with their reservations or need help while travelling.

  • Offer Travel Insurance

MakeMyTrip provides users with travel insurance solutions to safeguard them against unforeseen circumstances and crises while travelling. Users have the option to add travel insurance to their reservations, giving them financial security and relaxation.

Why Make My Trip is a top choice for travel bookings?

There are several reasons that make Make My Trip one of the best choices for travel bookings. Let’s dive in. 

  • Exclusive Features

Make My Trip is always introducing cutting-edge tools and features to improve the booking process. To assist consumers in making better judgements, they have integrated elements like virtual tours and interactive maps. The additional features offer insightful data and enhance the user experience as a whole.

  • Detail Information on Travel

Make My Trip provides a variety of travel knowledge, including destination guides, advice from other travellers, and traveller reviews. Users may properly plan their vacations and make well-informed booking decisions thanks to this detailed information.

  • Reputation

Make My Trip has established a reputation in the travel business over a significant period of time. One of India's top online travel providers, it has expanded its offerings internationally. Users have a sense of trust and reliability in the company because of its extensive history and experience.

  • Broad Network

Airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and tour operators are just a few of the numerous travel partners that Make My Trip has accumulated over the years. Users have access to a variety of solutions for their travel requirements because of this vast network. Make My Trip provides a wide range of options whether it comes to purchasing flights, hotels, or vacation packages.

How to Make My Trip App Different from Other Travel Booking Apps? 

  • Booking for Multiple Cities

Users may easily book multi-city trips using the app. Travelers who are arranging vacations with many locations or layovers may find this tool very helpful. Users may quickly add several destinations to their itinerary, choose their desired vacation dates and flights, and book everything in one go.

  • Global Flight Search

The app has a special Smart International Flight Search feature that aids users in discovering the most affordable ticket options from various airlines. Users can browse pricing for a variety of dates rather than just one or two with its variable date range feature. Users can utilize this function to find the most economical trip choices.

  • Search for flight through voice

Users of the Make My Trip app can search for flights using voice commands thanks to the voice search feature. Users can obtain suitable flight options by just voicing their travel information, such as departure city, destination, and travel dates. This function makes it simple and hands-free to look for flights.

  • Lock Price

The Make My Trip app has a special Price Lock option for booking flights. By paying a small price, users of this option can reserve a flight fare for a certain time period. This option allows users to lock in a good price while they finalize their vacation plans or make payment arrangements.

  • Offer In-App Travel Insurance

Users of the app have the choice to buy travel insurance throughout the booking process. This function makes sure that users may easily acquire travel insurance protection, giving them peace of mind and safeguarding them from unforeseen events while traveling.

  • Interest-Based Hotel Recommendations

The Make My Trip app uses sophisticated algorithms to offer tailored hotel recommendations based on user preferences. The software recommends hotels that fit users' travel interests by examining user preferences and past reservations, making the hotel-choosing process more specialized and effective.

  • Plan Your Trip

The app has a trip planner feature that enables users to centrally organize their travel plans. Users can build a detailed itinerary by including their reservations for travel and lodging as well as other events and activities. Users that use this feature have all the information they require at their fingertips and are able to keep organized.

Do You Think You Need Travel Management Software for Your Travel Business?

There are numerous reasons why you should opt for travel management backend software if you are running a travel company. Let’s dive in

  • Workflow is streamlined

Travel booking processes including handling reservations, itineraries, invoices, and reporting are all streamlined and automated using travel management software. Automation reduces human error and boosts overall operational effectiveness.

  • Cost-effective

By offering insights into spending trends, negotiating better prices with suppliers, and tracking trip expenses in real-time, travel management software assists businesses in maximizing their travel expenditures. Companies can find cost-saving opportunities and make wise decisions thanks to this visibility.

  • Data is Centralized

All travel-related information, such as traveler profiles, itineraries, and bookings, is kept in one central database with a travel management system. This consolidation makes information easily accessible and does away with the need for numerous systems or spreadsheets

  • Adhere to Policies

Companies can design and implement internal travel regulations using travel management software. It makes sure that staff members make travel arrangements in accordance with business policies, such as staying under predetermined spending limits, using authorized vendors, or following specific booking procedures. This promotes compliance throughout the company, controls expenses, and maintains uniformity.

How Sriggle Can Add Benefits to Your Travel Business?

There are several benefits in which Sriggle can help you grow your travel business. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Centralized platform

A centralised platform is offered by Sriggle for managing every facet of your travel agency. You may effectively manage operations from a single interface, including inventory management, bookings, customer profiles, and reporting. Your procedures become more efficient as a result, and productivity goes up.

  • Detailed Management of Inventory

You may manage travel arrangements such as accommodations, rental cars, vacation packages, and more using Sriggle's feature-rich inventory management capabilities. You can quickly add, update, and modify your products to give your clients access to a wide variety of travel choices.

  • User-Friendly Online Booking

Sriggle offers a user-friendly online booking tool that syncs up with your website or mobile app without any hassle. Direct booking and search options for travellers provide a convenient and easy experience. The booking engine can be modified to meet your needs for branding and style.

  • Customer Management 

You can manage your customer interactions well with Sriggle. With the help of the programme, you can keep extensive records of your clients' preferences and bookings and interact with them by sending tailored offers, notifications, and updates. This promotes consumer retention and repeat business.

  • Mobile-Friendly Interface

You can accommodate consumers who want to book on their smartphones or tablets with Sriggle's mobile-friendly interfaces or dedicated mobile apps. Mobile compatibility broadens your audience and offers mobile customers a convenient booking experience.

  • Training and Assistance

Sriggle normally provides in-depth training and assistance to make sure you get the most out of the product. They may help with initial setup, offer technical support, and hold training sessions to introduce you and your team to the features and functioning of the software.

  • Reporting Insights

Sriggle provides extensive reporting and analytics tools. You can learn more about your revenue, customer behaviour, sales performance, and other important information. You may discover patterns, optimise your company plans, and make data-driven decisions using these insights.

  • Vendor Integration

Integration with numerous travel service providers, including airlines, hotels, and tour operators, is possible with Sriggle. You can get real-time availability, pricing, and other pertinent information thanks to this integration, ensuring that you can give your customers accurate and current offerings.

  • Accounts Management 

Sriggle has tools for handling accounting, billing, and financial activities. Within the software, you can easily generate invoices, monitor payments, control commissions, and reconcile accounts. Your financial operations become easier to manage, and accuracy is increased.

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