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Flight APIs enable travel businesses to attain access to flight deals and related information globally.

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Flight API: How Does Airline Distribution Work?

The airline distribution landscape has improved significantly over the years. Previously, the procedure of booking an air ticket was tedious, and complex and left the users with little choice. However, the advent of GDS, or the Global Distribution System, has changed the domain. 

In order to offer flight deals to end customers, travel operators, agencies and agents need access to data related to flights, their schedules, costs, and seat availability. The airline information is stored and accessed from the GDS. It is without a doubt that GDS is the backbone of the travel industry. 

There are several prominent GDS players in the market, along with regional ones. You can choose the service provider that fits your business the best. For a travel business to connect with the GDS, they need an API. The API or Application Programming Interface acts as the bridge between the two software products. 

Travel companies can gain global access to flight deals and related information thanks to flight APIs. They can access multiple airline companies internationally and locally. That way, offering the best deals to customers become easy. With access to the airline inventory globally, you can generate more revenue via more bookings seamlessly. 

Sriggle is the leading travel tech service provider in the industry. With a team of proficient and experienced professionals, we offer excellent software solutions. You can definitely integrate our Flight API into your existing system. From us, you can expect high-quality results. We aim to streamline travel-related business processes while helping your business grow and attain more success! Check out our top-rated flight API today! 

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GDS APIs For Full Booking Capabilities: Amadeus, Sabre, Travel port, And Others

GDS or Global Distribution System API is an essential part of the travel industry. There are several noteworthy companies that offer excellent GDS APIs for easy and hassle-free airline booking. 

Let’s take a look at some of them –


One of the largest distribution systems globally is the Amadeus GDS for flight. With the Amadeus GDS flight API integration, users can acquire access to global airline data from more than 700 airlines. Moreover, the company also integrates with Travelport and Sabre GDSs. The flight API enables users to attain information related to flight, their availability, fares, ancillary services, etc. It also makes flight booking easier.


The next prominent GDS player on the market is Sabre. It connects users with more than 400 airlines. With Sabre flight API, users can extract different data related to flights. The API uses the REST or SOAP messaging formats. These include schedules, fares, PRN records, availability, transactions, queue activity, ancillary booking, etc. The Sabre Red 360 is the B2B tech solution from the brand for travel agencies and organizers. 


Travelport is another highly prevalent GDS service provider. It offers information from three well-known GDSs – Worldspan, Apollo, and Galileo. It has also entered into a partnership with the AXESS International Network. The Travelport Universal API is based on XML and offers excellent booking functionality. Users can expect high-quality flights, ancillary services, connected routes, etc.

Apart from these, there are several other GDS API providers in the market. Besides global API companies, travel businesses can opt for local or regional GDS APIs. 

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Tech service provider APIs for flight booking: ATPCO, Orysis Infotech, eTravos, HitchHiker, and more

Apart from GDSs, there are several tech service providers that offer excellent flight APIs. However, the presence of numerous travel tech companies can lead to confusion. In that case, you need to look at the well-known ones, check out their products, and then make a decision. 

Here are some of the prominent tech service providers offering airline reservation system APIs –


One of the oldest and most reliable airline tech service providers is ATPCO. The brand offers the dynamic Routehappy API to deliver exceptional results. It connects users to Sabre, Amadeus, and eight major airlines. With this API, users can get information on flight fares, seat width, legroom, ancillary booking, leg searches, etc. The wide range of features explains the popularity of the tech provider. 

Orysis Infotech

Another excellent tech provider offering a top-notch flight API is Orysis Infotech. The flight API connects travel operators and businesses with numerous airlines. The API is based on XML or SOAP and offers a great deal of information. From here, you can know more about the list of flights from GDS data, choose seats, book flights seamlessly, use advanced filters, etc. 


With a diverse clientele from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, eTravos is one of the most prevalent travel tech platforms in India. The flight API from eTravos offers connections to more than 750 airlines, 11 NDC adopters, and 225 cost-effective carriers. You can attain access to the fare calendar, book flights easily, personalized price information, ancillary booking, etc.


As one of the most efficient SaaS solutions, HitchHiker offers one of the best flight APIs. It is connected to prominent GDSs like Galileo, Amadeus, 120 airlines, low-cost carriers, and more. With this flight API, you can book flights and cancel them easily, opt for group bookings, etc.

Tech service providers’ APIs for flight information: SITA, Innovata, OAG, and more

Some tech service provider offers APIs for flight information. Here, an extensive data network plays a significant role in the travel portal solution

Let’s check out some of the best tech service providers in this domain –


SITA is a well-known and reliable travel tech service provider offering top-rated API for flight information. The data network of SITA is noteworthy and delivers a suite of APIs in different formats. These include XML, JSON, and REST messaging formats. With this API, users can get info related to airport services, weather, NDC distribution, flight tracking, baggage tracking, etc.


If you are on the lookout for an efficient API service provider for flight information, you can check out Innovata. The brand offers access to a massive database of information about flight schedules. Here, you will get info on routing connections, flight schedules, and airport and airline IATA codes.


Another highly efficient travel tech company for flight information API is OAG. Here, users can get data related to flight schedules, status, airport delays, and weather. While flight schedule API covers the schedules of connecting flights, regular flights, etc., the flight status API provides information on airport delays, flight status, and weather. 

Apart from these travel tech companies, there are other service providers too. It is vital to take a look at their features and see which ones fit your business or company the most. That way, you can go ahead with a seamless and hassle-free flight API integration. 

Sriggle is a prevalent travel tech company offering top-rated flight API integration. Partner with us and lead your business to success today!

Metasearch and OTA APIs for smaller booking providers: Skyscanner, momondo, Kiwi and Travelfusion

Another category of flight APIs is the one offered by OTAs and Metasearch engines. Here, you need to form a partnership with the company offering the API. 

Here are some of the most relevant ones in the industry –


Skyscanner APIs for flights come in two modes. One is for searching for information on flight prices, and the other is to see data on live flight costs. You can use the flight prices API to attain information on the lowest prices, destinations, dates, etc. But, for live data, you will need to use the Live flight prices API.


Do you want to integrate a flight API that enables users to see the lowest prices available within your airline reservation system? In that case, you can initiate a collaboration with momondo. The flight API offers information on routes, airports, currency, prices, and anywhere search. If you want to use this API, you will need to join the affiliate program of momondo. 


Kiwi offers a multitude of flight APIs. These include locations, searches, checking flights, saving booking, confirming payment, carriers’ APIs, etc. Moreover, you can simply opt for the affiliate program in order to use the various flight APIs from Kiwi. You can also obtain info on fare classes, length of stopover, bag limit, etc.


One of the most prevalent travel booking platforms is Travelfusion. The brand offers easy car rental, rail ticket booking, and flight booking. The Direct Connect API from Travelfusion offers connections with more than 150 low-cost carriers. One can gain access to data related to flight fares, card verification, luggage requirements, seat preferences, booking cancelation, etc. 

Final word: What to consider before flight booking API integration?

The majority of the flight booking APIs offer similar features, and functionality and even have almost the same connections. Now you must be wondering – how to choose the best API provider for your business. In that case, you need to consider some factors. 

The first thing that businesses need to consider is functionality. Do you want to offer information on flight schedules and luggage? or, do you want to provide booking services?

The next thing that needs attention is your business model and budget. It is vital to understand that direct connection with GDSs via APIs is costly. If you can bear that finance, you can go ahead. But, if not, you need to look for OTAs or travel tech companies that offer APIs at a much more cost-effective price rate. 

Other factors that need consideration are the availability of API documentation and post-integration support. Besides, you need to take into account the region you want to target. For instance, if Europe is your market, the best option is to use Amadeus GDS. 

Sriggle is a well-known travel portal development company in the industry. We have a team of skilled experts offering high-quality travel tech software solutions. From us, you can expect reliable and hassle-free flight API integration. 

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