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API Integration
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Sriggle provides Third-Party API integration, Travel APIs, Travel Portal APIs, and Travel Booking APIs for flights, hotels, car rentals, and holidays worldwide

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API Integration

API integration is the connection between two or more applications via their APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow systems to exchange data sources.

Technological evolution in the travel industry has led to the integration of various top-notch software solutions. Travel businesses do not need to conduct multiple business processes manually, saving a massive amount of effort, resources, and money. The integration of travel APIs makes it easy for businesses to attract customers and expand. 

Travel API is actually a web service that connects two software products. It forms a bridge between the travel inventories and the client. That means you can now gain access to a diverse network of travel suppliers globally with these APIs. Travel operators, tour agents, and organizers use a suite of travel APIs to enhance customer experience. It is an excellent way to offer the best travel deals to end customers. 

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Types of Travel API Integrations 

There are multiple types of travel API integrations. These include flight search and booking, NDC integration, flight data, direct hotel booking, hotel booking via aggregators, hotel mapping, wholesale hotel booking through bed banks, car rental booking, cruise booking, business travel management, etc. Another crucial component is the things-to-do APIs. Here, you will find tours, experiences, attractions, and other travel-related APIs.

Travel businesses need to search for the right travel API provider. Integration of the travel API on the website of the travel company helps the businesses and the end customers simultaneously. Here, customers can search, check, book, and pay for travel products without hassle!

Do you want to opt for the best travel API provider? In that case, you can choose Sriggle. The leading travel tech service provider offers high-quality software solutions. Our Travel Portal Solution is one of a kind. We offer seamless integration of the travel API within your existing system. Use our top-rated suite of APIs and grow your business!

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Flight Search and Booking APIs by GDSs and OTAs

There are various types of flight APIs present in the travel industry. The involvement of prominent players in the market makes things easier for travel companies. The first player in this domain is the GDS or the global distribution system. 

GDSs are considered the backbone of the industry and offer massive connections to users. As such, Flight API Integration with GDSs charges much more than others. Now, the second player is the various OTAs or online travel agencies. These companies have different affiliate programs to help out start-ups or smaller businesses. 

Global distribution systems

A global distribution system, or GDS, is a network of reservation systems that connects travel suppliers and travel agents (both offline and online). The GDS is responsible for the collection and storage of data from a vast array of service providers. After that, the agents are given access to the information in order to make reservations for their clients. 

It avoids the hassle of connecting directly with airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc. The main areas of GDSs are – car rentals, hotels, airplane seats, railways, ferries, and cruises. In the GDS market, there are three well-known players – Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre.

Online Travel Agencies

OTAs or online travel agencies provide a plethora of connections to travel businesses. They mostly engage in affiliate programs with their clients. There are several travel tech companies that offer excellent travel APIs. These OTAs integrate various beneficial features into their APIs. For instance, you will get an advanced filter, easy booking, and confirmation, booking list management, etc. Moreover, they also allow various third-party integrations while also making sure that the interface is user-friendly. As these APIs are available at a much cheaper rate, small-sized companies tend to opt for them.

Hotel Booking with PMSs and Channel Managers

Hotel booking is another critical part of the travel industry. However, direct hotel booking is not possible. You will need to use PMS or property management system and CRS or the central reservation system for direct connectivity. 

A PMS or property management software handles the internal affairs or departments of the hotels. It is responsible for automating several business processes and ensuring the different operations are handled efficiently. However, it is essential to note that connection via PMS and CRS for direct hotel booking is relatively expensive. That is because you might need to use multiple PMSs to gain access to a vast inventory. 

Here, channel managers offer a noteworthy alternative. These are systems that form a connection between the PMSs and online travel agencies. Channel managers enable hotels to update or distribute hotel-related information on different OTAs. 

As a tour operator or a travel agency, you can use channel managers to get access to hotel inventories. There are several top-rated channel managers in the industry. You need to check them out and choose the one that fits your company's needs. 

The role of channel managers is unparalleled. For a hotel owner or manager, it reduces the workload massively. For travel businesses, it offers a direct connection to hotel information such as rates, facilities, availability, etc., with ease. Moreover, you don't have to worry about that tremendous investment. 

If you choose correctly, you can attain access to multiple hotels and related information. Another exciting fact is that channel manager is almost a direct integration to hotels. They merely play the role of passing information from one side to another.

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Hotel Booking APIs by Aggregators: GDSs, Connectivity Providers, and Switches

Apart from PMSs and channel managers, aggregators also offer hotel booking APIs. There are two main categories of hotel aggregators. These are – GDSs and connectivity providers, and switches. 

GDS or Global Distribution System

It is true that GDS is mostly concentrated on air travel. But, hotel inventory has also been added due to increasing demand from corporate travel companies. With GDSs, you will get access to a massive hotel inventory covering information from various hotels globally. However, they might miss regional hotels or budget ones. 

Connectivity Providers and Switches

One of the most popular sub-type of hotel aggregators is connectivity providers and switches. These are often compared to channel managers due to their striking similarity. For instance, switches connect to the CRS or the central reservation system of a hotel to connect the supplier and the distributor. Here, the switch acts as the point of contact. The primary difference between switches and channel managers is that switches do not need direct hotel integration. 

Another prominent aspect of hotelbeds booking API is wholesale booking via bed banks. Wholesalers or bed banks collect or attain hotel inventories in bulk. In turn, they resell these bulk inventories to distributors. There are several prominent bed bank players in the hotel industry. With Bedbank APIs, you can have access to global markets in different countries, along with dynamic and static information on hotels. 

The last option is to collaborate with well-known OTAs and opt for their APIs for the inventory. It is a great option for businesses just starting or small-sized ones. Moreover, this is an excellent idea for travel bloggers to earn money via the different affiliate programs. It is vital to note that all APIs available are not public. You will need to partner with these OTAs to get access to the inventories.

Sriggle is one of the most prevalent travel tech companies in the industry. We offer high-quality travel API for our clients. You can definitely rely on our excellent Hotel API Integration to help your business. To know more about us, get in touch with us today!

Car Rental Booking System

Car rentals are an inevitable part of the travel industry. Previously, travelers weren't too enthusiastic about using car rentals for exploration. But a change in mindset and rise of economic options has led to increased revenue for the car rental market. That is why travel agencies, businesses, operators, and agents include car rentals in trip packages. 

GDS, or the Global Distribution System, plays a prominent role here. The three well-known GDS players in the car rental industry are Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus. Though these companies mainly deal with air travel, they have recently forayed into the car rental market. 

Amadeus car rental API offers connections to more than 69 global, local and regional car rental brands. Here, one can access information about rates, locations, booking details, and more! When it comes to Sabre, the car rental API is one of a kind. Users can get information about more than 37 car rental service providers in 40K+ locations. 

Travelport API has a massive car rental inventory. It includes the recently owned Axess, Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan to offer users a wide array of options. 

Apart from these GDS players, OTA and aggregators too, have an essential role. You can now gain formation and book car rentals seamlessly. There are several tech service providers that design reliable and efficient car rental APIs. 

One such company you can count on is Sriggle. We deliver excellent results with our top-rated Car API. Besides, we also offer hassle-free Cruise API integration. Go ahead with our car rental API integration, and let us help you grow your business!

Things-to-do APIs: tours, attractions, experiences, and restaurants

Apart from transportation and accommodations, there are other aspects that have a critical role in the travel industry. The things-to-do APIs have a significant position. These include tours, attractions, activities, and restaurants. Travel businesses need to incorporate these APIs within their systems to curate a complete trip package. 

The diverse network of niche service providers, OTAs, and global companies offers a lot of options to travel businesses. There are two distinct ways you can offer these things to end customers. Firstly, you can opt for local services. Secondly, you can join the large vendors that have a massive network. Apart from information, you can also opt for the ticket purchasing feature. 

Are you wondering if investing in the things-to-do APIs is a good idea or not? Well, that's a valid question and needs some severe consideration. However, there are several benefits of integrating these APIs into your website. 

One of the most beneficial aspects is the increase in sales. It is an excellent way to incorporate activities, attractions, or sightseeing into the trip package. That way, you make the vacation more appealing while increasing profits simultaneously. 

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How to Choose the Right Travel API?

There are various types of travel APIs in the market. You need to use multiple APIs in order to create the most appealing vacation packages for your customers. However, the presence of so many travel APIs may lead to confusion. It is essential you make the right choice in order to avoid financial loss. 

Let’s take a look at these factors to know how to opt for the right travel API –

  • Opt for a reliable service provider

It is vital to make a list of vendors and suppliers that offer the travel API you need. After that, you need to conduct extensive research. It is imperative you choose the best one based on your needs, geography, and budget. 

  • API Documentation

Another aspect you need to check out is the API documentation. It is a crucial piece of document that outlines the details of the API. You need to have this documentation and ask the vendor before making the final payment. Make sure you read it thoroughly and understand the technical details. 

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  • Compatibility

If you already have an existing system, you need to ensure that the API can be integrated seamlessly. There is no need to disrupt the already-present well-functioning system. For that, you need to take approval from your tech team. 

  • Standards compliance

Having a bunch of lucrative features is tempting to purchase an API. But is it enough? No, you need to ask the developer team to evaluate the main SOAP and REST standards compliance. 

  • Post-integration support

Integrating the API on your system doesn't mean the work is over. What if you face issues later on? That is why you need to be clear about the post-service support. Opt for a company that can offer a quick response when an issue occurs.

Ready to choose the right travel API? No need to search any further! Check out Sriggle’s Travel API Integration today!

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