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The Best Travel Solutions For Agencies In Canada

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Canada’s Top Software Choice For Travel Companies 

With so many beautiful national parks in Canada, the country is a popular tourist destination for adventure lovers. A lot of nature in Canada is untouched and offers adrenaline seekers a wide range of options. Whether travelers want to go for long hikes to explore the country, swim in undiscovered lakes, or camp in the national park trails, Canada welcomes everyone with open arms. The country also offers magnificent views all year round and is the perfect tourist destination in both summers and winters. 

Since Canada offers such great options to travelers, it is a popular tourist destination with a multitude of travel companies and tour operators available. So, it is important you provide unforgettable experiences and deliver memorable vacations to get ahead of the competition. This will not only help achieve 100% customer satisfaction but will also help bring in more business via word of mouth. But, how do you quickly curate customized vacation experiences to ensure you do not miss out on potential bookings? 

Well, SRIGGLE’s software solutions are perfect and can help you grow your business in no time. With a wide range of options available, our software solutions can cater to a wide range of businesses. Whether you are new to Canada’s travel industry or are looking for ways to boost productivity for better business growth, our solutions are the perfect partner. 

With over 8 years of experience in the industry, we stay on top of industry trends and leverage advanced technologies to ensure you get access to the industry’s best software solutions. We have a wide clientele and have helped numerous travel companies improve their business processes to help them become customer’s most-preferred travel agency choice. 

Interested to know more about how SRIGGLE’s experts can help you fulfill your business goals and reach the top without much effort? Keep reading to explore the different types of travel agency software solutions we specialize in. Then, you can schedule a call to get in touch with us and learn how we can help you become Canada’s most preferred travel agency in no time! 

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The Best Partner To Help You Become Canada’s Top Travel Agency

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The Best Partner To Help You Become Canada’s Top Travel Agency 

Other than offering tourists beautiful scenery and opportunities for adventure sports, Canada also hosts several great events and festivals throughout the year. As a travel agency, your priority must be to service customers and provide travelers with the best vacation packages possible. But, doesn’t that mean you will miss out on information about destinations that might help you curate better experiences? Not really! 

With SRIGGLE, you get access to an all-in-one travel software that stays on top of all industry trends and offers agencies a wide range of locations based on user needs and preferences. Moreover, we connect you to several local and global suppliers to ensure you have a wide range of package options to better cater to user demand.

Our software solutions are equipped with a number of advanced features that help you realize your potential and get to the top of the travel industry in Canada in no time. These include:- 

✅Easily customizable to better deliver services that cater to evolving business needs and industry trends 

✅Customer data is easily collected and managed to better understand user needs and preferences to deliver perfect itineraries 

✅Easy management of both front and back-end business processes from a single platform 

✅Simple, clean, and interactive platform UI developed by experts to ensure simplified user journey and 100% customer satisfaction 

✅Automation of complicated business processes to reduce manual effort, help businesses save time, and offer opportunities for building better customer relationships.

✅Simplified booking processes for seamless booking and added user convenience.

✅Opportunity to partner with a wide range of local and global suppliers to help you deliver the best travel opportunities to customers traveling to Canada and other countries. 

✅Payment plans and pricing schemes catering to industry standards to help you gain a competitive edge and get ahead of other travel companies. 

✅Real-time API integrations to ensure the payment plans are regularly updated and always cater to industry standards. 

✅Access to real-time data and customer information to help you tailor your business processes and packages offered as per changing customer needs.

✅Added the convenience of adding travel packages and pricing plans exclusively offered by your business to set yourself apart from other travel agencies and to build a better brand identity.

✅Several filtering options and sorting algorithms to help users find services that better cater to customer needs and preferences without having to scroll through the multiple packages offered. 

✅Creation of user profiles to help you better divide customers based on their needs and preferences and allow businesses to categorize them.

SRIGGLE’s travel portal software solutions include a wide range of advanced features that will undoubtedly help you get ahead in Canada’s travel industry in no time. Interested to know more? Get in touch with us and take the lead in figuring out how you can better your business process and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. 

Explore Our Globally-Based Travel Software Solution 

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B2B Travel Solutions Curated By SRIGGLE For Canada’s Top Tour Operators 

Managing a travel industry is not easy at all and you must be able to juggle multiple responsibilities. Throughout this, you must also focus on bringing in more leads and looking for ways to boost your booking conversion rates. SRIGGLE’s travel agency software solutions automate hectic back-end business processes to help reduce the manual labor required. This means that your travel agents can better focus on finding leads, delivering packages, and building valuable customer relationships. 

Our software solutions are also easily integrated with CRM systems and existing software to help you better manage your business. This helps you curate the software further to better suit your business demands and deliver unmatched experiences. We also ensure that our software solutions allow businesses to edit and add services or features as they see fit. Moreover, we stay in touch with you throughout the development process to ensure our software solutions include all the features you’re looking for. 

Some advanced features included in our B2B portals to help you boost productivity and get to the top of Canada’s travel industry include:- 

  • Real-time pricing options which are in sync with industry standards and rates to ensure services are reasonably priced and you get the competitive edge needed to help you become the top travel company in Canada 
  • Updated data to ensure better collaboration among teams and prevent future confusion or issues due to access to incorrect information 
  • Detailed markup policies that are updated from time to time to ensure that you do not miss out on business profits while ensuring customers have access to accurately priced service packages 
  • Easy storage, maintenance, and management of transactional policies, limits, and charges to ensure accurate payment information 
  • Users can easily check their in-app purchases, booked services, and other transactions to allow them to better track and manage their spending, while businesses can easily identify user preferences and understand their purchasing behavior 
  • Added control of business inventory to help users keep the available inventory in check, plan future business processes, and stock their inventory as needed 
  • Leverages AI and advanced technologies to offer numerous filtering options along with a search button on the top of the page that allows users to find what they’re looking for within a few seconds 

Impressed with SRIGGLE’s B2B travel portals and want to experience its power? Get in touch with us to book a free demo session and consultation call and learn more about our B2B solutions. 

B2C Travel Solutions Curated By SRIGGLE For Canada’s Top Tour Operators 

Since customers are at the core of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, our B2C solutions help travel companies better focus on their needs to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and immeasurable business growth. Our B2C solutions are equipped with a wide range of advanced features that will undoubtedly help you get ahead of your competition and become Canada’s best travel agency. These include:- 

✅Single platform that allows users to rent cabs, check out accommodations, book flights, sign up for group trips, and much more 

✅Simplified booking processes to ensure users can book travel services at their convenience 

✅Multiple revenue streams and marketing channels to help you bring in more customers and boost revenue 

✅Wide range of API integrations to ensure you have access to real-time data and can easily integrate other available solutions for better management 

✅Seamless back-office and front-office business processes to help your agents schedule and prioritize customer inquiries for better handling and management 

✅Easily customizable as per your brand goals, industry needs, and customer demands to help you build a great brand identity that can help you reach more customers 

✅Access to a customer support team round-the-clock to help you better handle inquiries and doubts to ensure 100% customer satisfaction 

✅Well-built user interface with intuitive navigation and access to advanced technologies for a simplified user journey and better user experience 

Interested to learn more about SRIGGLE’s B2C portals and the benefits that you can reap with their help? Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your business goals and get access to advanced software that helps you better cater to customer demands. 

Canada’s Top Destination Management Software Solutions 

Canada has several mountain lodges and forest cabins that allow travelers to live among nature and experience the best of the country. Moreover, the country provides opportunities for adventure sports like hiking and whale watching. So, it is a destination with ample tourist opportunities offering something for everyone. 

As a travel agency or a tour operator, you must properly manage these available options and curate the perfect itineraries. With SRIGGLE’s destination management software solutions, it is quite easy to manage all travel opportunities and deliver the best vacation experiences. Some advanced features included in our destination management software solutions that help ensure 100% customer satisfaction are:- 

  • Perfect for a wide range of businesses in the industry like travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, DMCs, and much more. 
  • Easy collection and management of customer data to help businesses better manage customer demands and ensure the development of effective marketing plans. 
  • Includes a wide range of advanced features and functionalities to help businesses better manage their operations and focus more time on fulfilling customer demands. 
  • Up-to-date with industry standards and implements advanced technologies like AI for better user behavior analysis and quicker itinerary curation. 

SRIGGLE’s destination management software solutions are the industry’s top choice and can help you get ahead of your competition. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let this opportunity go out of your hands; just get in touch with us and grab the opportunity to become the top travel agency in Canada. 

Canada’s Top All-In-One Solution For Your Travel Needs

Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) is a platform that allows travel agents to access and book a wide range of travel products, including hotels, flights, and activities, at competitive rates. It offers tools and resources for travel professionals to better serve their clients. 

Expedia Partner Central is a portal for hoteliers and property owners to manage their listings, pricing, and availability on the Expedia platform. It provides insights and analytics to help optimize their presence and attract more guests. 

The Extranet is a platform for accommodation providers to manage their property listings, update pricing and availability, and interact with guests. It's a tool for hotels, vacation rentals, and other lodging options to connect with the platform. 

Similar to Extranet, the Expedia Extranet is a platform that enables accommodation providers to manage their listings on the Expedia network. It allows them to control pricing, availability, and other details related to their properties. 

Getaroom is an online travel agency that specializes in providing discounted hotel bookings. It allows travelers to find and book hotel rooms at lower rates. 

Car reservation software refers to tools and platforms that enable customers to book rental cars online. These systems often include features for managing vehicle availability, pricing, and reservations for car rental companies. 

TravelClick is a company that provides data-driven solutions for the hospitality industry, including hotel marketing, reservations, and business intelligence. "TravelClick Login" likely refers to the login portal for their services. 

API (Application Programming Interface) integration involves connecting different software systems or platforms to allow them to communicate and share data seamlessly. In the context of travel, API integration can be used to connect booking systems, payment gateways, and other services to create a unified travel experience for customers.

At SRIGGLE, our focus is to deliver tailor-made solutions that help you make your mark in Canada’s travel industry in no time. Our solutions are the industry’s best and can help you discover your potential and grow to the fullest in no time. So, why wait any more? Get in touch with our experts and take the first step to grow in today’s competitive travel industry in Canada. 

Our Premier Selection of Online Travel Software 

Experience the finest Travel Technology platform featuring a Booking Engine, Supplier Integration, and API capabilities.   
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