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Sriggle offers the best hotel API provider with a wide range of features. Our primary aim is to save your time, streamline business operations and increase your revenue.

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What is a Hotel Management System?

Sriggle is a top-rated hotel management software company that delivers a wide range of products. One of the most reliable and efficient software solutions we have released so far is the hotel management software. Our solution contains a vast range of features. That makes it incredibly appealing to customers, travel agencies, and hotels. 

In essence, hotel management software is a solution or system containing multiple modules or features. These features ensure the smooth operation of the hotel. For instance, you will find front desk management, housekeeping management, an online booking engine, accounting software, etc. 

It is vital to understand that hotel management software is not limited to the automation of repetitive management or administrative tasks. It is much more than that. With the best hotel management solution at your side, you can get more bookings, create a positive customer experience and increase brand recognition. 

It is without a doubt that the hotel management system has revolutionized the travel industry. Apart from simplifying tedious processes, it has also reduced the scope of errors and enabled hotels to maintain up-to-date information on room availability, guest data, bookings, and more!

The comprehensive system is designed to help out travel agencies and tour operators. It is also a great aid to hotels and other accommodation providers. 

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Features of the Best Hotel Management System

Are you confused about choosing the best hotel management system? Well, in that case, you need to focus on the features of the software solution. Every reliable hotel management system needs to have these features. Let’s take a look –

Online booking engine

The hotel booking engine is the primary module of the hotel management system. A well-functioning online engine enables users to make bookings seamlessly. It comes with various options so that guests can have all the information they need before making reservations. You can boost the ROI by offering discounts on specific occasions. 

Housekeeping system

A housekeeping crew cannot maintain the cleanliness of the hotel smoothly. They will need the assistance of a reliable housekeeping system. As soon as the guest checks out, the system alerts the crew about the development. Now, they can go to the specific room and start cleaning. That way, the room is cleaned and maintained for the next guest.

Front desk system

The front desk of the hotel is basically its face. That is why the manning of the front desk is so significant. It is the place where guests make inquiries or pay bills. It is the go-to destination for guests and employees alike. With the best front desk system, employees can access necessary information efficiently.

Invoicing and billing software

Without a doubt, invoicing and billing are essential features of the hotel management system. Hotels usually get bookings or reservations from different channels. Apart from that, the software needs to manage orders or expenses by the guests at various departments. For instance, if the hotel has a spa and guests use it, the check-out bill must include that spa expense. 

Channel management system

In this era of stiff competition, having only one channel for sales is not ideal. In fact, no one does that anymore. Hotels use numerous booking websites and collaborate with different travel companies. That means there are multiple channels that need proper management. Here, the channel management system comes into play. It offers easy access to information for all and sends notifications promptly. 

Tax and compliance management

Another critical feature of the hotel management system is the tax and compliance software. Keep in mind the hotel needs to follow standard rules and protocols to avoid legal issues. Maintaining tax rules and ensuring there aren’t rule breaks is crucial. With this module, the team can handle the tax components seamlessly. 

Guest feedback system

Feedback is incredibly crucial for any business. For hotels, it is a boon. It is vital to know the experience of the guests in order to make improvements. Thus, the guest feedback system is embedded within the hotel management software. Now, travelers can give honest feedback, which is safely stored within the system for further assessment. 

Payment gateways

The hotel api integration with secure and reliable payment getaways within the hotel management system is a must. That way, users can proceed with bookings without much hassle. After the booking is completed, payment can be done immediately to reserve the room. The availability of different payment options is incredibly crucial. Now, the guests can pay via their preferred modes of payment.

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Which Software is used in the Hotel Industry?

The hotel industry benefits massively from hotel management software. It plays a significant role in improving the efficiency of the hotel, thereby making it more prevalent. As a result, customer experience improves, boosting revenue. 

However, hotels need to opt for the best hotel management software to increase efficiency. For that, the hotel management software solution from Sriggle is an excellent choice. The online hotel room booking system is a great boon to the travel industry. Tour operators, travel businesses, and agents can handle hotel bookings seamlessly. That leads to an increase in sales, increasing the revenue of the company. 

The wide range of features available makes the hotel management software one of a kind. It is subject to customization and can meet the needs of the company with ease. You can run hotels of different sizes with this software. It is easy to use and can handle various operations of the hotels without much hassle. 

With the aid of a team of skilled and experienced professionals, we have developed the best hotel management software. It is precisely designed to meet the needs of different hotels, irrespective of their structure or mission. The existence of multiple features makes it easy to incorporate them with PMS and POS. That way, you can optimize the various business operations. 

Benefits of using Hotel Management Software 

Sriggle is the leading Hotel Management Software service provider in the industry. Our software solution is dynamic and reliable. You can definitely rely on us to expand your business while streamlining different operations. 

Without a doubt, there are multiple benefits to using Hotel Management Software. Take a look at some of them listed here –

  • Saves time

Previously, the lack of software led to the usage of a massive workforce to conduct various repetitive tasks. Now, the hotel management system streamlines different administrative tasks. That will save a significant amount of time, energy, and resources. And you can save money by hiring only the employees you need!

  • Better customer experience

Are you eager to improve the customer experience? The integration of seamless check-in and check-out systems makes the traveling experience smoother for travelers. Apart from that, hotel management solutions also make it easy for guests to pay for hotel services.

  • Enhance brand visibility

With the integration of an excellent hotel management solution, it is possible to increase brand recognition and gain more customers. The system allows customers to book hotels remotely while offering detailed information. For instance, access to information related to hotel and bookings are great for users. Moreover, it also sends reminders for upcoming reservations. 

  • Detailed analytics reports

In order to make critical business decisions, access to in-depth and accurate reports is significant. With reliable hotel management software, you can get multiple reports related to bookings, revenue, finance, etc. That way, you can make data-driven decisions instead of relying on intuitions only. 

  • Boost booking

The primary reason for using the hotel booking service is to increase the number of overall bookings. That is the best way to increase revenue and expand your business. Here, online booking engines and revenue management are features that play a significant role. 

  • Prevent manual errors

One of the most crucial advantages of using Hotel Management Software is the prevention of manual errors. Now, you don't have to worry about overbookings or double bookings. With automation of booking and storing information, there won’t be any chances for confusion and chaos. 

How Does Hotel Management Software Work?

Hotel management software is a reliable IT solution that aims to simplify the management of various operations needed to run a hotel. However, it is vital to understand that though the software is named hotel management software, it is not particularly restricted to hotels. Inns, hostels, lodges, vacation rentals, etc., can benefit from this tech solution.

The working of the hotel management software is relatively simple. It contains all the information related to the hotel. For instance, here, you will find information on room availability, price rates, discounts (if any), cancelation policies, payment options, etc. 

Once the customer or tour operator books accommodation in the hotel, the system captures the information immediately. The booking is done when the payment is made. Now, the customer gets the confirmation of the reservation while the hotel is notified of the booking. That way, that particular room can be saved from being double-booked with the hotel reservation system introduction. 

Other aspects of the hotel management software include billing and invoicing. The module needs to be in complete sync with the front desk one. When the guests check out, the total bill is given to make the full payment. Here, expenses made on different departments, like spas, restaurants, etc., needed to be added precisely. After the customer pays, these departments get notifications of the same. 

Another essential criterion of the billing and invoicing feature is legal compliance with the country's laws. It is vital to ensure the hotel maintains and follows the standard regulations in order to avoid any legal hassle. 

After the guest checks out, the housekeeping feature of the hotel management software comes into play. The system instantly alerts the housekeeping department that the room needs cleaning. Once the crew gets done with the task, the software is made aware of the recent development. 

Now, the room is once again put up for sale. This data is picked up by the online booking engine. The clean room is now available for booking across different channels. Again, the same process follows when the next traveler books the room through the hotel booking system.

Sriggle’s hotel management software is dedicated to helping out the tourism sector. Check out our solution today!

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