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Package Management

Growing Importance of Package management 

The growth of technology tools and the virtual tour of places of interest for visit now available on the internet/web across the world the package Management for travel companies have undergone a major change. 

Travel companies are seeking to thrive and excel in the ever-evolving travel industry with a package management system that is accurate, personalized, reduces the turnaround time, helps in ensuring growing customer satisfaction and position travel businesses for sustainable growth in business. The travel package management holds a prime significance for travel companies in today’s growing competition. It is now imperative for travel companies to have a robust evolving travel package management and be an integral part of car rental booking software and hotel contracting system. It should be scalable with changing technology tools for a sustainable growth. It must facilitate in generating the best crm for tour operators and be amongst the leaders to ensure a cutting edge over the competitors. 

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Signature by Sriggle –Package management solution

With travel package management feature from Signature by Sriggle, travel agencies can access the latest technology driven tools for creating customized packages and products. Sriggle package management solutions are transforming how itineraries are developed within the industry. The dynamic itinerary planning solutions with seamless integration with data applications in real-time with suppliers allows travel companies to maintain a competitive edge and value for money for customers. With Signature by Sriggle holidays tour package solutions, accommodations, transportation, other services and itinerary can all be customized. It facilitates travel companies to plan, organize, and manage their clients' trips seamlessly and create customize packages according to the individual tastes, travel histories and special requests.

On the basis of the customer expectations, available data drive insights the packages can be termed broadly as dynamic and static packages. These packages enhance customer satisfaction.

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Dynamic Travel Package Management

The travel companies can create customized dynamic travel packages for their customers instantly to meet the unique preferences of their customer / clients. 

Signature by Sriggle - Dynamic travel package management feature allows travel companies to create customized travel package for their customers using latest tools supported by AI, API’s latest technology demonstrate their ability to respond per return.  The changes with respect to any of the components of the package tour namely hotel accommodation (change of hotel / hotel room category etc.), changes in flight (due to weather conditions or cancellation of flight etc.), other activities can be made by choosing the desired component on the current availability and cost instantly. The component wise breakup of the cost along with the consolidate cost of the package is shared to maintain complete transparency. With dynamic options, the customer receives real time update and relevant information which is an in built feature of package management. It enhances their overall travel experience. 

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Static travel package management

The travel companies cater to customized static travel package that maintains a set layout tailored to meet the specific client preference. A static package provides a consistent and reliable option for clients seeking a curated business or leisure travel experience with enhanced reliability. These are predefined packages (itineraries) that are meticulously prepared and comprise of niche services carefully incorporated in the package. Such packages are normally customized for corporates keeping the employees or clients of the corporates in mind. The total cost of the package is shared. Signature by Sriggle – Static travel package management allows travel companies to create tailor made, template approved package approved by the niche customer supported by latest technology tools.

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Collaboration and communication at the next level

A travel package involves multiple stakeholders, which makes effective communication essential. The inbuilt feature of package management auto messaging capabilities, auto alerts, calendar sharing, and collaboration features for editing documents, leaving no scope for errors and miscommunication. It ensures everyone is on the same page.

A Must Transformation Step - Sriggle Package Travel Management.

Empowered by real time seamless supplier integration, itinerary planning, dynamic pricing, customized services, robust evolving technology tools supported by AI and APIs, reduced turnaround time, meeting customer expectations, Signature by Sriggle – Travel Package management feature contributes to operating efficiency, delivering enhanced customer satisfaction, value for money and overall business growth . 

Reach out to us. Experience the great transformation and reap the benefits of Signature by Sriggle travel package management solutions and be amongst the leaders.

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