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Accounting Software
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Sriggle accounting software helps you make better, more informed decisions and stay on top of your business.

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Accounting Software

Accounting software is an application that facilitates the recording and reporting of a business's financial transactions. Core modules of accounting software include accounts payable and receivable, billing, and bookkeeping. The Non-core modules of accounting software may include modules like debt collection, expenses, purchase reconciliation, timesheets, payroll, and reporting for all of these. Accounting software can be of both types cloud-based or desktop-based. 

Sriggle cloud accounting software provides the tools needed to effectively manage accounting data and accelerate the close process. Automated tasks reduce the risks of error while customizable reports and data inefficiency, dashboards, and real-time metrics help companies monitor and track business and improve financial control. Sriggle supports multiple currencies, languages, and compliance standards and ensures data is accessible securely worldwide. Manage all of your customer’s financial data and invoices, while keeping expenses in check. Record, monitor and reconcile your bank debts and transactions, and collaborate with your accountant in real-time. Most importantly, Sriggle accounting software helps you make better, more informed decisions and stay on top of your business. 

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What is Accounting Software?

Accounting software is a system and an electronic version of an accountant’s general ledger that can keep your books organized, accurate, and searchable. Revenues, assets, expenses, and liabilities are digitally recorded and tracked to maintain a complete picture of your business’s financial health. However, most accounting systems share similar functionality. The best business accounting software assists process with process improvement such as bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

The accounting software solution is a solution used by bookkeepers, accounting professionals, and business owners to process accounting transactions and manages accounts. 

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Key Features of Accounting Software

From basic features that keep track and check on the money coming in and going out of your business, to the advanced features that give you more control over, accounting software offers many features that help to make accounting tasks simple. The features of any accounting software might be different based on the vendors.

It does not matter on your industry or business model is, the top-notch accounting system offers the following standard features.

  • Accounts payable/receivable: This is one of the most commonly used features of any accounting solution, electronic management and tracking of A/P and A/R are included in every system with different levels of automation. The accounts payable features track payments to different third parties such as vendors, suppliers, and other financial outlay to ensure your payments are prompt and smooth. 
  • Asset management: Electronically keeping track of and realizing the depreciation costs for a company’s material and fixed assets is the most important function of all accounting systems. 
  • Bank reconciliation: The key to automating most of your accounting functions is to connect your software system directly with your financial institution. This will facilitate you to reconcile the accounting transactions you have recorded with your bank’s records for your company’s credit, checking, or savings accounts. Today most of the systems include pre-built reports for both month-end and year-end closing to streamline reconciliation.
  • Cash management: Though many small businesses nowadays are handling less cash — or none at all — managing your company’s cash or cash equivalents is a key function of all accounting software and one more important function is to generate Cash Flow reports. 
  • Departmental accounting: Best accounting software offers help for recording transactions throughout multiple offices, branches, or divisions. This lets you treat each subset as its very own entity on paper, yet maintain a comprehensive view of tax functions.
  • Time and expense management: In addition to tracking your enterprise expenses through Accounts Payable, most accounting software offers a separate section for tracking individual employees’ expenses and reimbursements. This includes the capacity to easily accomplish price tracking in addition to reconciling expenses with various projects and departmental budgets.
  • Reporting: Apart from recording transactions electronically, the most-cited reason for purchasing accounting software is the automated reporting feature. 
  • Budgeting and forecasting: This module is very critical to the forward-thinking company, budgeting, and forecasting tools give companies insight into their past revenue and spending habits, which helps them better use their resources and plan for future financial success.

Is Accounting Software Beneficial for Business?

Whenever you start a business, accounting software is the most important business application that you need to get. The best accounting software helps you to achieve multiple things such as creating invoices, recording incoming and outgoing payments, identifying and following up on past-due receivables, and generating reports which will help you to analyze your financial health and other aspects of your business.

In recent days, accounting software has become essential for any business. Business owners have understood that managing finances manually is not going to help them to get the expected results. For that, you need to choose the best accounting system to help your organization to optimize cash flow. 

What are the benefits of Accounting Software?

Accounting Software still provides more important benefits. The Accountant software tool has many benefits for any organization, especially in making it easier for them to manage finances. Below are the benefits of software for accountants as work support.

The following are the benefits of accounting software:

  • Ensuring Financial Control: Accounting software allows business owners to control their finances automatically, even though they may not be experts in accounting. 
  • Saving Costs: Accounting apps automate core calculations and administrative procedures and take control of your revenue framework, so you don’t have to outsource your financial management to an external party. The software can also reduce the costs of printing and distributing documentation because the system store all data digitally in a safe and monitored location.
  • Increasing Data Accuracy: According to accountants and auditors, one of the important benefits of good accounting apps is reducing human error that usually occurs during calculation and data entry.
  • Improving Decision Making: This is one of the main advantages of implementing sophisticated accounting systems. Without an automated accounting solution, you will have difficulty understanding your business’s financial condition. 
  • Improving Financial Data Security: Financial data is the company’s most confidential information and must be highly protected to not fall into the wrong hands. An accounting system ensures your financial data remains safe by storing it in a centralized system protected by firewalls. Thus, only those who are granted access rights can see the data.

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for your Business?

When you choose accounting software for your business, make sure you understand your needs and know what features to look for before you start. The market is full of different accounting apps with different capabilities, and selecting a system for your business can be overwhelming. It helps to prioritize the features you want, based on your accounting needs, usability, and pricing. This guide compiles some of the important features in the accounting software plugin to help you choose the best system for your business.

To simplify your search, keep primary factors in mind when selecting accounting software for your business:                                    

  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Cash-based and accrual-based accounting
  • Payment gateways
  • Projects and time tracking
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax readiness
  • Automation
  • Integrations
  • Reporting

Key Features of Sriggle's Accounting Software

Each accounting system has its own advantages and disadvantages, but some of main Sriggle's features must have complete and sophisticated accounting software. Sophisticated features in accountant software are useful for making it easier for an accountant to manage their work.                                                      

The following are some of Sriggle's features in software for accountants:

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Billing and Invoicing Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Purchasing and Sales Management
  • Asset Management

Key Features of Tally

Tally can manage single or multiple groups. Tally software is used to handle financial and inventory management, invoicing, sales and purchase management, reporting, and MIS. The feature of Tally customization makes the software suitable for distinctive business functions.

Here are the main features of Tally:

  • Remote Access
  • Tally.Net
  • Control Centre
  • Multiple Selection
  • Auditors Edition
  • Ledgers
  • Simplified Installation process
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Sriggle accounting software helps you make better, more informed decisions and stay on top of your business.

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