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Flight Booking Software
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Sriggle’s flight booking software is an easy-to-use yet efficient system designed to help out different customers.

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Flight Booking Software

As the leading travel technology company in the industry, Sriggle offers dynamic yet reliable flight booking software. The top-notch piece of software aids in the easy and hassle-free booking of flights for B2B and B2C customers. You can definitely rely on Sriggle to deliver excellent flight booking services.

Air ticket Booking Software is basically software that aids in collecting, storing, and handling air travel transactions. You can use the system to reserve particular flight seats online from different airlines seamlessly. Though it was originally created to support the airlines, it is now frequently used in the travel industry. The flight booking software is connected to extensive GDS systems globally, which aid in the automation of flight seat reservations. 

It comes with a wide range of advanced features, making it one of a kind. Here, you will come across multiple third-party integrations, quotation management systems, inventory management systems, reservation management systems, advanced search options, and more!

With the assistance of a team of professionals, we develop the best flight booking engine that serves the B2B and B2C travel market smoothly. It enables travel service providers, agents, and tour operators to handle the selling of flight tickets with relative ease. The access to real-time availability and price rates of flights makes the booking process hassle-free.

Our highly efficient airline ticketing system software is integrated with multiple GDS systems, third-party APIs, etc. You can now use our air ticket software to search for different flights, check out seats and price rates in real-time, proceed with the booking, and make online payments. 

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How Does The Flight Reservation System Work?

There are two distinct ways you can book flights via the flight booking system. Firstly, customers can go through the direct channel. Here, travelers can directly approach the particular airline they want to use. You can skip the usage of GDS and instead use the CRS or the central reservation system of the airline for tickets. 

Another way is the indirect channel. Here, the OTA or online travel agent, travel companies, and operators come into play. Travel businesses use the software to offer access to real-time availability of seats and fares related to air travel. That way, customers can pick the one that suits their needs the best.

After the customer checks out the information and selects the seats, the reservation is done. When the booking is prompted, a PNR or passenger name record is created. After that, a payment gateway is triggered, which leads the traveler to the payment page. Paying the specific amount successfully ensures the customers that the seat is reserved!

Apart from that, travelers can also opt for ancillary or additional services. These are extra benefits offered by various airlines and include offers such as selecting a particular seat, legroom, baggage, meals, etc. If you choose these benefits, it is added to the ticket and billed accordingly. 

With exposure to the US, Europe, Australian, and UAE markets, Sriggle delivers one of the best online booking systems for fights. It makes it easy for customers to book flight tickets, increasing revenue for travel businesses. 

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What is Airline Reservation System?

The airline reservation system is an online system that helps in collecting and storing flight data. These include flight fares, availability of seats, flight schedules, etc., from various airlines. It is done with the help of a well-connected network of GDS or global distribution systems. That makes it easy and hassle-free for B2B and B2C customers to book online flight tickets. 

However, you must always opt for the best flight booking system for error-free services. For that, you can choose Sriggle. As a leading tech solutions company for years, we understand the need to deliver top-quality products. Our airline ticketing system software is top-rated and offers a vast array of features. 

Which Are The Best Features Of The Flight Booking System?

An online air ticket booking system contains a wide array of features. However, in order to choose one, you need to know more about these features. 

Some must-have features include:

  • Search option

The airline ticket booking system must have an excellent search feature. That way, customers can search for domestic and international flights with ease. If exploring the flights is easy, users will come back to use the system repeatedly. 

  • Filters

The booking system for flights needs to have multiple filter options. For instance, travelers need to be able to sort flights by price, duration, airlines, etc. It is vital to ensure that the booking process is simplified as much as possible. 

  • Invoice management

For travel agents and operators, invoice management is a crucial feature in a flight booking system. The generation of an invoice for the flight booked needs to be maintained to keep the business organized. 

  • Third-party integrations

The ability of the system to integrate and work with third-party APIs is critical. In fact, the system must have multiple GDS integrations for smooth functioning. 

  • Customization

In order to deliver exceptional services to customers, customization is highly significant. With customization, you can create exclusive flight packages for travelers that frequently visit your business site for flight booking. 

  • Various payment options

The flight booking software must have multiple payment options with a secured gateway. Here, high-level security is needed as customers will give crucial financial information for online payment. Most systems offer numerous payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Sriggle’s flight booking system is efficient and reliable and delivers excellent services. With the integration of advanced features, we develop the best online booking engine for flights for our customers. Check out our system and reach new heights of success in the travel sector!

How is Flight Booking System beneficial for Travel Agents in Travel Industry?

The ticket booking software for flights offers a ton of benefits to the travel industry. With the integration of multiple flight APIs, customers can now access flight-related searches quickly. The software enables travel agents and tour operators to offer excellent travel deals to their customers. These include flights, hotels, transportation booking, etc. 

Another massive benefit of using the flight booking system is that it acts as a central hub to handle and manage bookings. It allows sub-agents and other partners to proceed with online flight bookings. It enables the company to grow and expand its customer base. 

Integration of the system with top-rated GDS systems makes the company a notable player in the market. It also aids in building solid relationships with global service providers in the travel sector. You can learn more about the international market, develop connections with foreign tour operators and deliver better services to your customers. 

The traditional flight booking process was daunting. The booking system has simplified the process significantly. Now, there is no need to divulge precious time in completing massive paper works. Now, you can use that time to focus on other aspects of the business. 

Another advantage is that the online booking system operates without human input. That way, the customers can access the system 24/7, making it possible for your business to increase revenue. When your business is available round the clock, you are likely to get more bookings, leading to an increase in sales. It also aids in improving brand visibility and rebuilds trust among customers.

The flight booking system from Sriggle comes with excellent features and an advanced quotation system for easy flight reservations. That makes it a great tech solution for travel agents in the industry. Integration of flight modules like flight booking quotation, reservation, API integration, schedule, etc., makes the system even more appealing. 

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Make your travel technology experience better.

Sriggle’s flight booking software is an easy-to-use yet efficient system designed to help out different customers.

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