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Back Office Hotel Contracting Module
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Sriggle is a professional innovating comprehensive end-to-end travel solutions for the travel industry by delivering high-performance back-office hotel contracting modules.

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Streamline Travel Business Back Office Operations With Back Office Hotel Contracting Module

The back office system is a comprehensive software package that offers streamlined operations, exact accounting, and practical modules to meet the needs of travel companies. The Back Office, Hotel Contracting Department module assists hoteliers in uploading hotel information and maintaining prices for different seasons, managing booking confirmation details, applying special deals or multiple offers, and managing sales. This hotel contracting department, supported by the back office software, also helps Hotels in the proper management of inventories of various hotels.

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Why Choose Sriggle's Hotel Contracting Module software? 

Sriggle Back Office System efficiently manages your travel business ' complicated back office operations, removing manual administrative and expensive rekeying flaws.

Sriggle back office software is a unique hospitality Back Office Hotel Contracting Module that complies with the Uniform System of Hospitality Accounting and Statutory Reporting. It is web-based and can be deployed on-site, hosted at a chain data center, or used as a service. It is a rare integrated material and financial accounting system that offers all you can expect from contemporary software. 

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Improve Travel Business Efficiency with Signature Back Office Hotel Contracting Module Software.

Signature by Sriggle is known for its best back-office management software. This company provides custom Back Office System software to global clients. The Back Office software is a complete package of all the back office functions such as – planning, inventory management, supply-chain management, logistics, settlements, regulatory compliance, and accounting.

These functions receive a lot less fanfare. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important. These processes must be very well executed for any business to be successful, and regular improvement to achieve operational efficiency is the most critical aspect to increase profits in challenging market conditions.

In today's digital world of back-office accounting software, taking business and process improvements across all the verticals of your business, value, and supply chains has become increasingly important. In fact, as per the Harvard Business Review, businesses in one core sector that converted its traditional back offices into automated systems “often generate more than 50 percent improvement in productivity and customer service.

So, how do you improve operational efficiency?

1. Connect your entire supply chain

2. Use real-time data

3. Automate everything you can

4. Use advanced analytics

5. Integrate with data and systems

Features of Signature Back Office Hotel Contracting Module Software

To qualify as one of the best hotel contraction systems, it must have the capability to accommodate and manage the varied offerings of a travel agency. Here we are presenting Signature by Sriggle to you as a hotel contraction system for travel agencies to tour dynamic operators. Which generally focuses more on something more tangible, “the features” which are all kept together make great travel agency software built to achieve growth. 

So, without further delay, let’s look at these features one at a time: 

1. Hotel Contracting 

It is the first feature you should check before finalizing the vendor. The simple reason behind this is – irrespective of the size and nature of your travel agency, you will always have the necessity to upload direct contract hotels. Thus, the hotel contracting module becomes a must-have feature.   

2. Dynamic Tours Module

Nowadays, travel dynamics change quicker than we could think. The Covid-19 pandemic was a force and a reminder of the same. So, you need a lot of flexibility from the tour operators software, so you can always customize or make some modifications to your offering that will align with the demands of the time – the dynamic tours module of any travel agency software can get you that flexibility. 

3. Quotation System

The quotation module is a key must-have feature in the travel agency back office software solutions. All the modules should have an exclusive integration capability for agents and travel partners. The hotel bookings software should allow all your agents to create multiple quotes for hotels, tours, flights, and meals simultaneously. 

4. Ticketing and Tracking 

The ticketing module can be taken as one of the most crucial features of any travel agency tool. Every travel management tool will have it, yet you must ensure your travel agency back-office software allows you to track all your confirmed, canceled, redeemed, and issued tickets. 

5. User Management System  

Time is expensive, and in an industry like travel, where there is cutthroat competition, you just do not want to lose customers because of the inefficiency of the travel management system. The user management system module gives you that desired pace by allowing all your customers to quickly log in to your travel portal directly through their social or email profiles. 

6. Integrations 

Most travel agency tools can be integrated with most of the significant GDSs, like Amadeus and Sabre, which is a great feature. Yet, your travel agency software must allow other third-party travel API integration like tours, bed banks, attractions, etc. All these integrations enable you to access a greater volume for your travel agency. 

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Make your travel technology experience better.

Sriggle is a professional innovating comprehensive end-to-end travel solutions for the travel industry by delivering high-performance back-office hotel contracting modules.

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