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To help advance the travel industry in UAE, UK, and USA with next-gen solutions, Sriggle is enhancing its cloud-based technology environment "Signature" to unlock greater efficiencies and new capabilities.

Why Sriggle?

Restaurant Management Software

Accelerate Your Restaurant Growth with the Modern-day Back-Office Management Software

Thrive with the leading virtual end-to-end outsourced Payroll, Accounting, and Finance platform in the hospitality market utilizing Managed Finance as a Service (FaaS)!

Our purpose-built restaurant accounting system is provided with the service of an expert and industry-specific team dedicated to creating scale for your restaurant, which has resulted in our clients achieving an increase in profits.

What is Restaurant Management Software?

A restaurant management system is a very common term for software that helps you to streamline food business operations. Most of them can be named restaurants, bars, cloud (dark, virtual, ghost) kitchens, food trucks, bakeries, cafes, or delivery businesses.

It combines all the features that are good about the traditional POS (Point of Sale) systems, with the tools that manage your phone calls, take table reservations, handle billing, streamline inventory management, provide actionable analytics, and also help with multiple marketing activities such as CRM, loyalty programs and building an online presence. It also works seamlessly uninterrupted with your existing restaurant technology systems (your accounting and employee management software) and also uses open APIs that let you integrate with any third-party tool.

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Top Features of Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Accounting Services - Maximize Profits & Scale of Your Operation

Expert management of all the financial accounting paired with the service of ongoing education & guidance.

A restaurant management system built to support critical business functions necessary to manage any restaurant. It brings all your payroll, inventory, accounting, and customer management data in one location. Some point-of-sale (POS) systems double as an RMS, or you might be interested in purchasing loyalty or online ordering solutions separately.

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Restaurant Management Software Includes:

  • Point-of-sale system: This is basically a primary tool that you can use to input orders and record payments. It may also include other types of management software or integrate with third-party services.
  • Payment processing: Payment software allows you to accept all kinds of credit cards or any mobile/UPI payments. A lot of systems have native integrations with payment processors, while few others let the business owner choose from the services.
  • Restaurant inventory management: Popular POS (Point of Sale) software most often includes inventory management functions to oversee/track current stock, and cost of goods, and assess meal or menu pricing.
  • Employee scheduling software: It can also track shift trades and time off while providing the facility of staff and management with intuitive scheduling apps.
  • Reservation or table management solution: This module helps customers book a table or host an event with software that works in your restaurant or online.
  • Customer relationship system (CRM): Use a CRM or loyalty rewards program to collect email addresses or phone numbers for your restaurant marketing program.
  • Payroll service: Manage all your payroll taxes, tip credits, and labor law compliance with an automated and easy-to-use payroll system.
  • Accounting software: It generates all cash flow reports or monitors expenses while recording all the information required for your business tax return file.
  • Online or e-commerce system: It can also facilitate providing your guests with an online menu and ordering platform via any browser or app for delivery, curbside, pickup orders, etc.

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The Benefits of Using a Modern-Day Restaurant Management System

An RMS system helps you resolve all restaurant business challenges. The result is happy customers, satisfied employees, and managers. Everyone gets what they need to take care of their job and make decisions.

With an integrated solution for all activities performed, all the segments of your technology setup “communicate” with each other. Instead of printing and generating multiple reports from various software programs, connected systems put your data in one spot.

 1. Consistent and personal guest experiences

Integrated management systems support each and every aspect of restaurant customer service, allowing you to deliver seamless online and in-house guest experiences. Use your RMS to collect data as much as possible and learn the following about your guests:

  • Favorite dishes
  • Average spend
  • Frequency of visits
  • Birthdays or other special events
  • Preferred devices to access your website or app
  • Common communication methods (text, email, etc.)

In the same integrated system, you can also oversee customer engagement or loyalty programs, sell gift cards, and manage your brand’s image and marketing. Using an integrated solution helps you maintain consistency across all your digital assets, giving guests the same kind of experience whether they’re ordering online or using mobile checkout at the table.

 2. Efficient systems and workflows

All-in-one solutions with consumer-friendly interfaces help your team members do their jobs in a better way. For your front-of-house staff, a well-connected system means fewer taps, clicks, and devices to close out a table, which will in turn result in faster guest service.

Improve kitchen workflows by way of routing food orders to the right stations or using displays connected to your restaurant POS system. With high-performance reporting and analytics, you can see what’s operating and make modifications as required.

3. Gain total visibility

Starting from the point-of-sale reporting options to real-time labor and sales tools, a restaurant management system provides you insights into front-of-house and back-of-house operations based on the data collected. End-to-end solutions also provide many reports such as:

  • Assets and liabilities
  • Menu performance reports
  • Gift card transaction details
  • Average fulfillment time for orders
  • Sales by a server, item, or date

Plus, convenient and easy restaurant inventory apps or real-time labor dashboards let you view activities and alerts from anywhere in the operations. You can even use your reports generated by the system to calculate when sales will cover your costs to open a restaurant or pay off equipment.

 Benefits Of Using Sriggle's “Signature” Software:-

 Accelerate growth with Sriggle’s Accounting Services & Team of Industry Experts.


  • Make sure the accuracy of books with targeted financial closes
  • Make proactive business decisions in real-time with weekly financials


  • Reduce current general admin expenses by 20%–50%
  • It eliminates the costly impact of key accounting personnel turnover
  • Create revenue-producing opportunities


  • Maintain store-level ownership through corporate-like accountability
  • Saves a lot of time by eliminating all manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Standardize financial performance-tuned metrics across a single unit or multi-units


  • Scale your current team without paying for additional oversight based n the analytics
  • Empower your team members to take responsibility and accountability within their roles

Read the Detailed Benefits of “Signature” all in one Travel Software Solution, Developed by Sriggle.

Get oversight of the Big Picture with a Restaurant Management System

A dedicated and result-oriented restaurant billing software or integrated POS services can help you to oversee and regularly improve your restaurant services. There are multiple ways to design and develop a solution for your business. Ultimately, it’s about the feasibility and which one will provide the best experiences for you, your staff, and guests.

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