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AxisRooms API Integration

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AxisRooms API

If you are searching for the best and safe travel platform with reliable hotel bookings, you can opt for AxisRooms. It collects data from the sources and analyzes them to get the best technical solutions. It also includes gathering personal information, such as the type of hotels, amenities, and others to improve the service. All of these can be achieved with API integrationAs the APIs are easy to include and adjust within the existing structure, the travel portal does not face any obstacles. Rather than disturbance, the travel API Integration enhances the overall experience of the users. And if users are satisfied, they will do business with you, resulting in profit and steady clients.

Also, each step goes through a detailed checkpoint. The user-friendly web extracts clear data from hotel bookings and directs the customers to payment clearance. Once the payment is made, you will receive the data, and the user will receive the same through the SMS gateway. In short, the travel API focuses on growing your business organically. The brand also offers a dedicated advanced channel management solution. It promises error-free, seamless, and real-time room distribution via the channel manager solution. 

AxisRooms API: Why You Need To Choose?

If you want to increase your business and earn revenue, you have to retain your customers. And that is possible when you maintain your online portal according to your client’s preferences. Users will contact you again when they are satisfied with your service and product. And our experts aim to build the best online travel agency software with everything on the first page.

AxisRooms offers a wide range of hotels in different locations within India. They are expanding their business in Asian countries as well. Without a doubt, the APIs of AxisRooms is powerful and user-friendly. So, clients can handle it effortlessly. 

Features of AxisRooms API

AxisRooms has huge popularity with a one-stop hotel booking facility. It offers-

  • Accepts different bank cards
  • Easy navigation
  • Connection with 5,000+ hotels
  • Easy-to-handle interface
  • Direct booking via the website
  • Personalized payment experience
  • Payment tracking
  • Different payment modes
  • Invoicing
  • Third-party integrations

What To Expect From AxisRooms API?

AxisRooms focuses on customer reaction by bringing new clients with high-quality travel software. With control over 5,000+ hotels in more than 61 countries, we have a direct business. 

In exchange for a minimal amount, the API integration arranges the best hotels with a few clicks on the website. So, get our assistance to make your hotel business profitable.

Sriggle is a well-known travel tech company with top-notch software solutions for hotel bookingsAll of the products and services are reliable and affordable. Also, our skilled professionals are always with you in solving technical problems.

So, if you want to improve your business, contact us today! Our experts are ready to offer help whenever you want.

Variety and Exclusivity

Sriggle is one of the best API integration service providers delivering exceptional services. With a skilled software development team, we offer top-quality software solutions. Hire us for a high-quality, easy-to-use online booking portal for your travel agency and strengthen your base in the industry.

So, if you are running an agency that deals with hotel bookings, get in touch with us! We offer excellent software products to grow your travel business.

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Importance of Travel Portal Development Company 

Being the most sought hotel booking and travel portal development service provider, our professionals have unique technical solutions. And each of them is different from the others. Therefore, we can offer top-quality travel portal development services.

Moreover, we pay minute attention to the design of the interface. So, people can handle the website effortlessly. And all the available options, along with dates, timing, and fees, are mentioned on the same page. Even for the payment, you don't have to visit a different page. Everything can be seen clearly and is transparent. 

We have different types of APIs for travel portal development that focuses on hotels and other travel products. Also, the central reservation system collects the customer details, such as bookings, the status of payments, and activity thoroughly. And you can use the data to analyze your client profile and build a portal that satisfies your clients. And the amalgamation of everything will result in generating market fame and financial profits.

If you are looking for the best B2B technology solutionsyou have come to the right place. We offer top-of-the-line travel portal development services. Have a look at the must-have features-

  • Simplified travel booking
  • Easy to handle web interface
  • Easy refunds
  • Search Filters
  • Dynamic fare caching
  • Transactional accounting
  • Multiple currencies compatibility
  • Supplier APIs
  • Redistribution API
  • API integration
  • Direct booking via the website
  • Online hotel booking engine
  • Works in multiple languages
  • Direct connections with multiple sales channels 
  • Connects to several third-party APIs

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