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Signature’s modular architecture allows you to configure the ideal solution to support your travel business.

  • Signature is a robust end-to-end solution developed by travel industry experts.
  • Signature is built with state-of-the-art cloud technology which uses artificial intelligence to boost your productivity and reduce turnaround times.
  • Signature is User-friendly and easy to navigate.
Configurations Features
Sales for B2C, B2B, Mobile App 7
User and Access Setup 8
Commercial Rules Management 17
End to end Booking Management 62
Host to host connections 36
Accommodation Module 26
Extranet for hoteliers 16
Ground handling / Logistic 20
Services module 9
B2B Agent Sales channel 24
Financial Accounting 19
Financial Accounting 13
Documentation 28
B2C Website 12
Mobile 7

Sriggle Travel Software

As a well-known travel tech service provider, Sriggle- travel software company boasts of offering premium-quality products. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we deliver reliable yet efficient travel software to the travel industry. From us, you can expect innovative travel portals, APIs, and more. Innovation combined with the latest technology enables us to offer what the travel domain needs. Years of expertise, along with the need to provide exceptional services, differentiate us from the rest of the industry!

Features of Signature Software

Sriggle brings the most robust modular architecture, Travel Management software Signature. The "Signature" from Sriggle is an excellent end-to-end solution that has been specially created for the travel industry. A team of highly proficient travel industry experts researched the market extensively and came up with this user-friendly solution. Signature travel industry software is based on state-of-the-art technology that uses AI, or artificial intelligence, to improve productivity. Signature software comes with more than 300 configurable features. The configurations include

  • Sales for B2C, B2B, and Mobile App
  • User and Access Setup
  • Commercial Rules Management
  • End-to-end booking management
  • Host-to-host connections
  • Accommodation Module
  • Extranet for hoteliers
  • Ground handling and logistics
  • Services module
  • B2B agent sales channel
  • Financial Accounting
  • Documentation
  • B2C Website
  • CMS
  • Mobile

Users can easily configure the features as per their business requirements. The functional scope of Signature ensures more work efficiency, saves time, and breaks down complex processes. The availability of accurate data leads to insights that you can actually use to make informed decisions for your business. Apart from that, Signature offers a powerful cloud too, which is easy to implement. Opt for Signature at a smaller scale and see if it brings profitability to your business! Advantages of Signature Software

There are multiple benefits one can attain from Signature software. Let’s take a look –

Accessibility: Signature software from Sriggle is designed to be highly accessible. You can access it from anywhere at any time. That way, your customers can book flights or hotels across the world with ease.

Security: All the products of Signature Software are layered with multiple layers of security. We understand the risks associated with the travel industry and thus ensure our customers are thoroughly protected.

Customization: We understand different businesses have unique needs and thus offer personalization. You can customize our products as per your convenience to improve business prospects.

Signature DMC DMC

The Signature travel DMC software from Sriggle is one of a kind. We offer a wide array of features that make the product even more appealing. With this software solution, you can improve the user experience and gain more prominence in the market. Our signature DMC has a bunch of core modules that make it efficient and reliable. These include contract management, pricing engines, end-to-end financial accounting, management reporting and dashboards, business CRM, inquiry management, quotation management, visitor CRM, business CMS, reservation management, and operations. The solution uses AI to find similar services and ensure you have the information on the latest pricing.

  • Contract Managment

  • Quote to Book

  • APP for Driver & Guides

  • Voice enabled B2B

  • Managing promotions

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Destination Management Software

Tour Operator Tour Operator

There are numerous challenges that tour operators often face in the industry. In order to thrive, tour operators need to integrate software that can offer multiple systems. The constant switching between different platforms takes up a lot of time, causing delays and a reduction in efficiency. The Signature online tour booking system is an excellent solution that fulfils the needs of any travel business with ease. It is highly flexible, accessible, and subject to hassle-free customization. You can have complete control over the platform, enabling you to create roles and assign them. Besides, real-time reports offer accurate information where you can note the performance and make decisions accordingly.

  • AI enabled B2C

  • Pricing Flexibility

  • Easy Checkout

  • Integrated Social Media

  • Flexible packaging

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Signature Tour Operator

Signature OTA OTA

In today’s world, user experience needs to be top-notch in order to attract an audience and retain them. Our signature OTA from Sriggle delivers a one-of-a-kind experience for end customers in the travel industry. The Signature OTA comes with a wide variety of features, making it the perfect choice for OTAs or online travel agencies . For instance, the integration is hassle-free and easy. The architecture of the software ensures it's linked with numerous suppliers and vendors. Besides, it is easy to add new partners and offers up-to-date content on different travel products.

  • Manage markups

  • AI enabled build your own package

  • API/Web Services

  • Multiple channels-B2C, B2B, call Center

  • Real-time with GDS and other 3rd party suppliers systems

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Signature OTA

Signature MICE MICE

To keep up with the ever-increasing demands of customers, MICE organisations are looking for improvements in the technological aspect. Here, our signature MICE comes into play. Designed specifically to help our MICE companies, our software is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. With Signature MICE, you can share information with different processes, leading to the elimination of manual updates. Apart from that, you can also customise various invoices and documents to maintain consistency. Scalability is another crucial advantage that businesses can get with Signature MICE. The use of the latest cloud technology enables users to develop events from anywhere in the world.

  • Manage registration

  • Pre tour management

  • Workflow based task assignment

  • Post tour Management

  • Dynamically Create event website

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Signature MICE

Other features of Our Travel Software

Signature CMS CMS

Another excellent product of Sriggle is the Signature CMS. Our content management system (CMS) enables users to manage website content without too much technical expertise. Updating travel content regularly is vital to improving your online presence and making an impression on customers. Content updating and moderation are needed to maintain relevance and accuracy. Here, you will get access to a wide range of in-built SEO tools. The software also comes with ML-powered translation in 31 languages. Besides, the product is fast and offers workflow and publishing controls. The easy-to-use interface and enhanced flexibility explain the popularity of Signature CMS.

  • Ultra fast serving

  • Workflow and Publishing Controls

  • Built-in SEO Tools

  • ML enabled translation in 31 Languages

  • Media on CDN which distributes contents from 31 servers

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Signature CMS

Signature CRM CRM

Signature Travel CRM software from Sriggle is a reliable, robust, and user-friendly software solution. With our CRM, or customer relationship management software, you can enhance customer interaction. You can get up-to-date information on the customer performance dashboard. Apart from that, you gain access to the sales funnel while assigning tasks and to-dos to others. The Signature CRM assists in maintaining relationships with customers, managing leads, responding to queries, and following up with clients. Automation of various business processes causes an improvement in the relationship with customers, which has an impact on your sales and overall revenue. Besides, you will witness increased business efficiency and a streamlined workflow.

  • Increase customer interaction

  • Meeting minutes management

  • Customer performance dashboard

  • Sales funnel with drill downs

  • Task, To-dos and follow ups

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Signature CRM

Signature CRM CDN

Signature CDN stands for Signature Content Delivery Network. It is a content delivery network that helps deliver web content, including images, videos, and other media, to end-users with high availability and performance. It works by caching content on a distributed network of servers, reducing the distance between the user and the content they are accessing, resulting in faster page load times and a better user experience. Signature CDN is a product offered by Sriggle, a technology company that provides software solutions to the travel industry.

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MICE Industries

Our APPs

Signature CRM Partnerral APP

Partnerral is an app designed for service providers catering to travel companies. It enables all types of providers, including transporters, guides, and restaurants, to receive alerts whenever their services are booked. By accepting these bookings, travel companies receive instant confirmation. Partnerral offers various features that bridge the gap between service providers, travel companies, and end consumers, thereby streamlining operations, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. Its aim is to revolutionize reservation management and provide a better way of doing business.

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Signature CRM

Signature CRM SigniA APP

SigniA, Sriggle's acclaimed booking engine for OTA and tour operators, is now available as an app on all devices. We are thrilled to offer the convenience of SigniA's features to our clients and agents, enabling them to book all services using their mobile devices. SigniA app offers the same functionality as its web application counterpart, including dynamic white labeling, search-to-book, invoice-to-pay, itinerary-to-operate, and more. With SigniA app, you can enjoy all the benefits of the web version on-the-go.

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Signature CRM Authenticator APP

Sriggle Authenticator is an app designed to generate 6-digit authentication codes that users require to log in to Sriggle's applications, such as Signature, SigniA, SigniP, and more. The primary objective of this app is to enhance the security of users by providing an extra layer of protection through two-factor authentication.

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Signature CRM Touristant APP

Touristant is your ultimate travel companion that synchronizes all crucial information and the itinerary of your booked tour. With real-time syncing, you can stay up to date with your tickets, vouchers, contact details, and other pertinent information related to your booking. This app consolidates all the essential trip information for your chosen destination in one convenient location. Additionally, Touristant provides you with tickets that feature Bar or QR codes for hassle-free check-ins. You can also access driver details and contact information for all local transfers. With Touristant, you can rely on having all the detailed information you need for your trip, making it the perfect travel companion.

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Signature CRM
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