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Sriggle Quotation Builder: Transform the quotation process with Quotation builder software for travel businesses

Quotation is important in the travel industry, allowing travel agencies to take a chance to deliver the best experience to end users. This takes center stage in the industry, giving the struggling time for businesses to optimize the quotation process. The quotation process holds more than outlining prices.

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We are in a modern travel age that demands a modern solution to stand at the edge of the competition. That’s where Signature by Sriggle Quote management software enters the play, offering a great time for travel agencies, agents, and tour operators to boost the quotation process. 

Sriggle online Quote builder software is the leading Quote management software for travel businesses that comes backed with impressive features. 

This travel quotation software allows travel businesses to provide details of the trip to the customer, covering information about the trips with the date and estimated prices. Here is further to Sriggle quotation-making software with incredible features that change the game for travel businesses and do wonders for sales.

Key features of Sriggle Quotation Builder software

Itinerary Planner

Sriggle quotation system software offers an integrated Itinerary Planner designed to help travel agents create detailed itineraries. This feature allows agents to create, modify, and visualize itinerary details. The tool allows you to specify destinations, activities, accommodations, and transportation modes. A drag-and-drop interface lets users arrange elements, set timelines, and customize itineraries to suit the client's style, creating a detailed and visually pleasing itinerary.

Multiple Versioning of Quotes

With Sriggle quotation system software, you get multiple versions of quotes because travel planning is dynamic. This feature guides travel agencies to create and manage different iterations of a quote. 

Alternative versions of travel quotes for travel agents are available inline with original quotes, letting them meet client requests and explore different prices. 

This makes the quoting process transparent and flexible, improving customer satisfaction and reducing communication costs.

Managing Markup

Markup management allows travel agents to specify profit margins for services and components. Sriggle travel quotation software does wonders with this feature and allows you to customize markups to suit certain services, segments of clients, or market conditions. 

With Sriggle quotes making software, you will be able to apply markups in a transparent and flexible manner, maximizing profits while retaining price competitiveness.

Pricing and Repricing

The Sriggle quotation application combines real-time supplier and partner data to simplify pricing. The feature gives travel agents detailed pricing information for accommodations, activities, and transportation. 

Moreover, repricing capabilities in the software let quotes be automatically adjusted based on changes in supplier rates or market conditions. As a result, the agent and client are assured that the quotes generated are accurate and reflect current pricing.

Following Up on Quotes

With Sriggle quotation system software, you can follow up on quotes effectively to streamline the sales process. Sriggle notifies agents when a client receives a quote but does not confirm or respond. With this feature, sales agents remain proactive and assist customers in an efficient manner.

Copying Quotes

Sriggle is best quotation software integrated with copying quotes that allows you to conveniently define quotes that are similar for multiple clients or situations. To cater to new clients or replicate successful packages, agents can duplicate existing quotes and modify them to suit their needs. Using this feature, quotes can be easily customized to fit your client's needs by retaining their structure and details.

Inserting Itineraries

With the software, travel planners can insert easily customizable itinerary templates into quotes to save time. Standardized itinerary templates are available for popular tour packages, vacation packages, and destinations. 

By incorporating predefined itineraries into quotes, clients can quickly customize and personalize their journeys based on their preferences. As a result, travel agents have more flexibility and customization options while quoting.

Give a competitive edge to your travel business with Sriggle Quotation management software. 

No more compromising on the Quotation process of your travel business. Begin implementing Sriggle Quotation management software to your business and give your travel business an upper hand, resulting in better sales. Whether it is keeping travelers updated with the entire trip insights, or giving a complete package of pricing from the start to end date of the travel journey, Sriggle Quotation management software stands out to boost the experience. 

Contact us today to raise the level of the quotation process and set the stage to provide the best-ever travel experience. 


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