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Maximizing Business Benefits with SRIGGLE's Robust Travel Quotation Planner Image 1

Maximizing Business Benefits with SRIGGLE's Robust Travel Quotation Planner

With years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we understand that travel agents spend most of their time researching destinations to plan an itinerary according to user preferences and budgets. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it leads to lower booking conversion rates. After all, with so many options available, customers quickly lose attention and do not like waiting for the services they need. At SRIGGLE, our experts realized that there’s no time to lose and businesses cannot afford to slow down. To help you convert more customers, our experts created a powerful travel agency software

The DMC software includes advanced features like itinerary planning, logistics management, quotation planning, and inquiry management. So, businesses can conveniently check out their pending work and better manage them for added customer satisfaction. Moreover, the clean and easy-to-use interface allows you to make the process simpler for your agents to ultimately boost productivity. 

Interested to know more about how SRIGGLE’s travel agency software equipped with the industry’s finest quotation planner and itinerary manager can help boost your business growth? Check out the following article and learn more about it before investing in the industry’s best travel portal development services

How Does Our Travel Agency Software Work? 

In contrast to popular belief, planning itineraries and quoting estimates is not at all easy. It is a highly complicated process with several factors coming into play. And, no other travel portal development company understands it better than SRIGGLE. Hence, our travel agency software solutions are all-in-one platforms that allow tour companies like you to take advantage of streamlined and automated booking processes. We recommend reading our blog on how our B2C and B2B travel portal services can help your business to further understand what we mean. 

The six major areas our destination management software focuses on to help you better your business productivity and make bookings easier for your customers include:- 

  • Management -When your business grows, it becomes harder to keep track of customer inquiries which might cause your agents to miss out on potential bookings. But, with SRIGGLE’s travel agency software, it is not an issue anymore and you never have to look back. Our all-in-one platform comes with an intuitive interface that lets your agents have a look at all open tasks along with their assigned priorities. So, they can narrow it down and get to the task at hand without any further delay. Another advantage is that this lets you better track team roles and responsibilities and hold team members accountable. 
  • Easier Management Of Passenger Details - In today’s era of access to advanced technologies, SRIGGLE’s travel software solutions implement AI and data analytics. Moreover, with the increasing focus on big data, businesses must adapt and pay better attention to user needs. Well, our booking software solutions store customer data and better manage them to provide detailed reports and actionable insights. This allows you to better understand your customers and target audience and curate service packages that they will love. Your agents and you will also be able to make notes and share them across the team for better coordination and delivery accuracy. 
  • Services - To better explain this point of benefit of SRIGGLE’s travel software, we would like to focus on the following features:- 
  • Travel Service - To become the top travel agency in India, the UK, the USA, Dubai, Malaysia, and other countries, you must become the one-stop travel solution to all customer needs. With SRIGGLE’s software, you can easily integrate multiple services and better manage them with the help of third-party API integration
  • Itinerary Builders - When customers get in touch with travel agencies, they expect to be blown away by their professional expertise. We understand that it is difficult to deliver itineraries that cater to user needs and provide them with exceptional experiences. This is why we have ensured to include a smart itinerary builder in our travel software to help you easily create better itineraries and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  
  • Task Management - Coordination, productivity, and fluidity are crucial to delivering curated customer experiences. SRIGGLE’s travel agency software offers businesses a dashboard along with ensuring access to real-time data to implement all three. 
  • Tag Creation And Management - As a travel agency, your agents will create multiple itineraries which might make it difficult for both your customers and you to find at a later stage. With our tag creation and management feature, you can now easily add tags to your packages to identify them based on the destination, number of people, price, and much more. 
  • Pricing Manager -It is unfair to subject your travel agents to numerous hours of research and calculations when they could be catering to customer needs and servicing them to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Since most travel agents also work on a commission basis, spending time tracking their commissions instead of utilizing the time to convert bookings can also harm their monthly income. At SRIGGLE, we develop software solutions that come with in-build pricing schemes and markup policies. This will help your agents avoid calculations while offering them an overview of their earnings. Moreover, they will be better able to track crucial information like credit policies, transaction limits, and other financial constraints at play. So, users will have access to accurate payment options and your business will not lose out on profits due to miscalculations. 
  • Documentation And Resources - Eye-catching visuals and engaging content can have a huge positive impact on customers while ensuring better communication. Easily customize itineraries, documents, and other resources with visually appealing images and distribute them to customers via email, PDFs, or other marketing channels. 
  • Validity -As a travel agency, you must take care of your customers and better impress them with special deals and promotional offers. However, a lot of businesses steer clear of these as they are quite difficult to manage. With SRIGGLE’s powerful travel agency software, you can set expiry dates and automate the expiration process to ensure you do not have to put in manual labor. 

SRIGGLE Is Here To Help 

Interested to know more about how our advanced travel agency software can help you grow in the UK, the USA, India, Dubai, Malaysia, and other countries? Get in touch with our experts and learn how our white-label travel portal development services can transform your business and help you bring in more profits in no time. 

When you get in touch with us, we ensure to understand your business goals and commitments to better develop and deliver solutions for your business. Our focus is to automate hectic processes and reduce the need for manual labor to boost business productivity while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. 

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