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Why Travel Agents Love SRIGGLE’s Itinerary Builder?

In today’s competitive and fast world, the tour, travel, and hospitality industry is gaining pace. However, most businesses are still left behind and do not know how to leverage technology to pick up pace. This means that the same few companies keep on dominating the industry, while others struggle to better fulfill customer demands. Curious to know how you can transform your business and become one of the top travel companies in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Malaysia, and other countries? Get in touch with SRIGGLE and get customized destination management software developed to help you plan better itineraries based on customer demands. 

But, before you make your decision about getting a travel agency software equipped with an automated itinerary builder, let us understand how these work and the benefits they bring to your business. You must also be curious why you should get your destination management software and itinerary builder from SRIGGLE, out of all the companies available. Check out the article below to learn more about why SRIGGLE’s booking software is the most-loved software solution of the industry’s top travel agents! 

Features Of SRIGGLE’s Destination Management Software 

Our team of industry experts has been servicing travel companies and tour agents for several years. They are adept at understanding evolving customer needs and staying updated on advanced technological developments to ensure customers get access to the best possible travel software. Some must-add features of our itinerary builders and tour operator software solutions are:- 

  • Automated Bookings - Most travel companies spend a lot of time on creating bookings based on user needs and preferences. With SRIGGLE’s DMC software, the complete booking process is automated to ensure proper delivery of services according to customer needs. This means that businesses will spend less time on customer bookings to help them better focus on growing their business. 
  • Multi-Specialty - Unlike most destination management software available in the industry, our software specializes in different travel aspects like luxury vacations, adventure travels, medical tours, and much more. So, whatever the customer needs, you can cater to these without juggling between different travel agency software. 
  • Access To Several Suppliers - The major issue with the competitive industry is that most travel agencies do not offer competitive prices and are not able to properly engage with potential customers. With SRIGGLE’s itinerary builder and destination management software, you get access to a wide range of local and global suppliers. So, you can offer customers multiple package options that are reasonably priced to help you get ahead of your competition and boost booking conversions. 
  • Customized Itineraries - Before customers book your services, you must offer them the perfect itinerary customized as per their vacation needs and preferences. With the help of multiple suppliers along with our automated booking systems, you can now set user needs to allow the system to create the perfect itinerary for delivery. 
  • Integrated Marketing And CRM Systems - The prime issue with most of the industry’s travel portals is that they are quite difficult to integrate with existing CRM systems. However, SRIGGLE’s destination management software can be easily integrated with existing marketing tools and CRM systems. So, with our software, you can easily promote your business while ensuring proper management and 100% customer satisfaction.  

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With over 8 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, our professional team is an expert in travel portal development. We ensure that we upgrade our services based on customer needs and recent technological advancements. Moreover, we specialize in white-label travel portal development, meaning the software we develop is completely based on your business needs and demands. It also replicates your brand image and allows you to create a better and more consistent business identity. 

Some other reasons to start using our destination management software equipped with an automated itinerary builder ASAP are:- 

  • Save Money 

Most travel agency software solutions are quite expensive and the price increases tenfold when customized as per business needs. However, these do not offer services that are up to mark making them a bad investment. At SRIGGLE, our team of experts is driven by results which helps ensure that the booking software tailored for your business will help you grow. Moreover, our software solutions are available at competitive rates and do not require changes over time, helping you save money in the long run. 

  • Save Time 

Creating the perfect itinerary based on customer needs and demands can take up a lot of time, leaving little to no time for businesses to focus on growth and expansion. However, our B2C and B2B travel portals leverage advanced technologies and help automate these complicated business processes. So, you can save time, effort, and manual labor while ensuring your customers have access to the services they’ve been looking for. 

  • Better Satisfy Customer Needs 

Although speed and efficiency are important, you must never compromise on customer experience and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, our experts are aware of customer needs and develop travel software solutions that help deliver the perfect solutions. 

  • Inspires Travelers 

It is no secret that customers prefer resources that are visually engaging and appealing over text-based ones. With our tour operator software solutions, you can easily integrate visuals like pictures and videos into customized itineraries to better engage with users. This can also help increase the chances of booking conversion which boosts revenue and widens your customer base. 

  • Better Marketing And Booking Conversions 

Our experts know that simply catering to traveler needs is not enough to bring in more customers and convert more bookings. It is also necessary for you to reach more and more users and showcase how you are the perfect partner for their vacation needs. To help you do so, our travel agency software can be easily integrated with existing marketing and CRM systems. So, you can better manage customer data and analyze it to offer tailored services and further market your services. 

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Although building itineraries is one of the most crucial tasks performed by travel agents, tour companies, and travel operators, it can be time-consuming. In today’s competitive industry, you need to deliver tailored itineraries to users as soon as possible to ensure they do not take their business to competitors. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts at SRIGGLE to discuss your business needs and get tailored booking software solutions delivered ASAP! Our experts specialize in B2B and B2C travel portal development and develop solutions that help you stand out and further grow your business. 

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