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Life At Sriggle

Simplicity, Integrity and Customer Agility are Sriggle’s core values. These “Mantras” run through every project, team and individual. Yes, we work with all the most advanced technologies and the latest tools, but our focus is on delivering “intuitive travel solutions”.

As an organization we understand the need for the fresh talent and to refresh talent. When we hire, we are looking for talents who are still hungry for knowledge and experience. We feed that talent with the opportunity to immediately get to grips on challenging project in the live environment

But talent only grows with the right support. Leadership at Sriggle means supporting team members, through mentorship. This frame of mind of helping and supporting each other is transferred throughout the company from colleagues to customers and partners.

Sriggle’s regular meetings, “townhalls”, allow new talents to build confidence and provide a forum to find solutions to both personal and professional challenges. Employees are encouraged to participate in team building activities, occasional celebrations, various inter-team and intra-team discussions for their evolution as a team as well as for their personal extension and development.

International Business Trips

As we flourish so do our employees, we give an equal opportunity to the respective employees to go for a client visit situated at global locations whenever required.

Rewards and Recognition

We never miss a chance to appreciate our team members and so we keep motivating them to work with even greater zeal and enthusiasm by providing Bonus, Employee Appreciation Certificates, Food Coupons, Amazon Vouchers and many more.

Flexible Timings

We believe and understand the need of flexibility in working hours considering the various residential locations that the employees daily commutes, balancing the productive hours at the same time.

Statutory Benefits

Sriggle adheres to Statutory Compliance and so ensures that employees are covered under statutory benefits like Provident Fund, ESIC, etc. as applicable.


Travel reimbursements (whether international or domestic) including taxi, food, lodging and boarding are done swiftly to make a hassle-free experience for our employees.

Additional Hours equals to Additional Compensation

We value the extra efforts put in by our team members and so we compensate the extra hours/days worked by them either by leave or by additional pay.

HR & Payroll Software

Employees are given the ease of accessing their own official records and details like Grade, Level, Reporting Manager, Team Members, Leave Details ( apply/approve/reject) and also automatic payslip generation after monthly payroll process.

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