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Travel Portal Development
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Sriggle is one of the best travel portal development companies that develop travel agency software to automate the finance, operations, marketing, and sales for inbound and outbound tour operators.

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What is Travel Portal Development Service?

Travel Portal development may help inbound and outbound Tour operators, Online Travel agencies, Travel Agency, and Travel companies to automate the operations, sales, marketing, generating leads, package customization, itinerary creation, quotation management, and develop a better and more extensive portfolio of their products such as activities to increase bookings, transfers, hotels, flights and much more.

B2B Travel portal development may help the Travel agency manage their package customization, booking, quotation management, and itinerary creation to increase travel products such as flights, transfers, hotels, and activities to increase bookings.

Sriggle is a market-leading travel portal development company that offers B2B travel portal development services for tours, activities, attractions, and travel agencies. Travel agency software may ease the process of inventory management, package customization, itinerary creation, accounting, and online booking, simplify business leads, maximize bookings, reduce cost, and much more for a Travel agency.

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How Does Travel Portal Development Improve Your Travel Business?

An effective B2B Travel portal development offers the details for the help of the travelers such as the latest news, maps, and suggestions for tour and weather updates for a safe tour. It ensures an improved experience for the customers that lead to an increase in bookings. Travel agency or online Travel agency can easily manage their activities such as can increase their portfolio of products such as activities, transfers, hotels, and transfers by connecting with several suppliers. Overall, the Travel agency's performance improves, opening new opportunities for travel companies and inviting more and more bookings.

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What Portal do Travel Agencies Use?

Travel Agencies use a travel portal that is highly customized, simple, fast, and shows a positive impact on operational costs. Sriggle is developing customized portals for online travel agencies that prove to be complete distributors for Travel agencies. Travel portal development deals with all the travel-related services to the customers on behalf of the suppliers, such as package holidays, flights, and other related information. We can say a travel portal acts as the agent of the service provider.

Take your Travel business to a higher level by developing a Travel portal to manage all your traveling activities in real-time for better management of resources and spread your business to the world's largest travel networks such as Expedia.

Why do Travel Agents or Agencies Need Travel Portal Development?

  • Travel portal development offer real-time data access
  • Minimize the operation and maintenance cost
  • It offers a 24/7 contact facility to your customer to your company
  • Saves labor cost
  • It helps to save money and time
  • Order processing costs also reduce
  • Customers get instant booking facilities for flights, reservations, and tour packages.
  • The customer has the opportunity to get fast information.
  • An increase in overall performance leads to the expansion of the travel business.
  • Offer low-cost accommodation services.
  • Customers get information about packages, multi-airline itineraries, opaque fares, and codeshare airfares.
  • The customer has the facility to compare the fare and schedules of other travel companies.
  • Reviews on the portal may also help to improve customer confidence
  • Improves your sales, better opportunity to market
  • Travel Portal development adds real-time travel content like videos, maps, and pictures to travel packages, descriptions, and documents details
  • Offers more significant benefits for tour operators, destination management companies, online travel agencies, and travel agency
  • Reduce the processing time by updating travel inventories such as ranged-based costing, unit-based pricing, and selling travel products efficiently.
  • Helps in different management in operational functions such as discounts, promotions, policies, stay restrictions, supplements, and blackout dates.

What are the Features of Travel Portal Development?

  • Search engine with straightforward filters
  • Responsive designs
  • Integration with Google Maps to help the travelers
  • Predictive search options
  • Attractive and impressive images
  • Videos
  • In-App built translator
  • Effective payment integration system
  • Easy and quick booking system
  • Pricing details
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Travel package customization
  • Group Travel booking Mechanism
  • Flexible payment system
  • Multiple sales channels integration
  • Easy ticket management system
  • Instant confirmation message system
  • Quotation manage
  • Invoice management
  • Travel booking management and much more

How does Travel Portal Development benefit the Travel agency or travel operator?

  • Travel portal development easily integrates into a travel system
  • Ensure a safe and fast booking system with a global inventory
  • Offer easy access to travel data
  • It helps to maximize the revenue
  • Increase travel business efficiency
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Automate the travel process
  • Protect from mistakes and errors
  • Promote accommodations
  • Centralize the travel booking
  • Quick response
  • Ensure fast travel business growth
  • Faster integration system
  • Online payments create ease
  • Generate sales and increase profits
  • Improves ability to deal with a lot of customers at the same time
  • Provides opportunities to boost your business at the international level
  • Simple tracking for inventory and sale
  • Generates reports for travelers
  • Travel portal development increases travel business productivity

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Which are the different Uses of Travel Portal Development for the Travel Business?

  • Offers real-time data access
  • It helps to minimize the maintenance cost
  • 24/7 interaction facility with clients
  • It saves money and time
  • Reduce the cost of order processing
  • Offer instant booking facilities for tour packages, flight booking, or reservations.
  • It helps to boost and expand your travel business
  • Improves convenience and makes transactions transparent
  • Variety of options for easy access of the customers
  • Instant buying of services
  • Auto confirmation features for booking
  • Availability of check features
  • Accounting management features
  • Back office travel booking management functions
  • Travel agents have access to information about routes, rates, and other policies.
  • It saves money and time, not for just agents but also for customers
  • Make it possible to display new packages, and products on the mainboard easily
  • Minimize the processing cost and overall cost
  • Increase profit up to the maximum level
  • Increase target market
  • Ensures business expansion
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What is Travel B2B Portal System?

Travel b2B portal is an essential component for every travel agent that provides an online booking engine and offers a white-label travel portal solution. It ensures real-time bookings and availability of tour operators and agents with a friendly booking engine platform. It connects Travel Agents or agencies with their clients on a digital network to make it easy to book the travel products such as flights, hotels, transfers, and other travel activities.

It makes everything easy and accessible from anywhere and ensures the right white-label travel portal for clients and agents. A travel B2B portal has essential tools that ensure automated sales through all B2B channels, distribution networks, opaque clients, agencies, and others.

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Why Travel B2B Portal?

The world is changing so fast, and everything is becoming fast. To meet modern requirements, it is now necessary for Travel agents, travel agencies, online travel agencies, tour operators, and travel services offering companies to have a travel B2B portal. It has many benefits that not save time and cost but also improve sales and increase profit; the foremost important thing is that it improves customers' confidence and trust which is a real asset for us.

In modern times it meets the demands of the Travel B2B portal and gives the travel agency access to 3rd party suppliers for inventories with is best for the Travel B2B portal or online booking engine. Because Travel agencies or agents sell their travel products locally and around the globe through the sub-agents and network that not just grow their business market but also causes profit generation and business expansion.

What modules include in Travel Portal Development?

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Dynamic and Multiple Tour Options

People only prefer the things for booking that is convenient and simple for them. So it is only possible by providing Dynamic and multiple tour options for the customer’s choice. It is possible only by Travel portal development. A better Travel portal development system allows adding the features for the packaging system, holidays packaging, hotels, and much more facilities with complete detail to create ease for the customers.

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Hotel Contracting Management

Hotel reservation is necessary for every Travel portal development. Our module for hotel contracting management allows the hotel masters to upload the contracted hotels and manage their hotel inventory. The hotel contracting management module allows the users to add info about the hotels, overviews about their hotels, room types, available facilities, pictures of hotels, and much more to make selection easier for the customers.

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Reservation Module

Reservation is one of the essential features required by the travel agency. It helps pre-book all the services and issue various documents in a better way and helps the customers to avoid any inconvenience.

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User and Security Management System

It is also an essential part of Travel portal development that allows the client to register with your travel portal. Every customer manages their file, and they automatically feed all the records and data. It makes it simple to maintain and keep their travel records by uploading photos and much more. They can manage their profiles and signup via social media channels that ease customers and promote your business.

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Mobile-Friendly Design

Modern mobiles offer features more than traditional computers or laptops, and everyone knows they perform their online activities through mobile phones. A good Travel Portal development also has features for social responsiveness to mobiles. So it makes it easier for the customers to reserve tickets, hotels and other travel facilities through their mobiles. It makes it easier for them to book any of the services from your portal from their mobiles.

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Payment Gateway and Coupon Code

Competition is in every industry only your best services and offers can attract customers. To attract customers, travel agencies offer rewards and discounts. It is a simple way to offer discounts to your customer's issuing coupons to generate more sales. Good Travel portal development features also include the built-in coupon code logic that allows them to generate coupon codes for the customers to provide discount facilities.

Enhance your travel technology experience.

We are here to manage your back office travel tasks with our B2B travel portal.

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