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How Can SRIGGLE’s B2B Travel Portal Benefit Your Business?

Right now, the best B2B travel portal in the industry is SRIGGLE’s. More and more travel companies are getting in touch with us to get customized destination management software that helps them better cater to customer needs. With years of experience, our team is adept at building feature-rich B2B travel portals that help you deliver better customer experiences and build a brand identity. 

But, are SRIGGLE’s tailored B2C and B2B travel portal development services perfect for you? Well, our team consists of expert developers and travel experts who have catered to the needs of several companies and delivered excellent services. Before we jump into discussing how our B2B travel portal developed for your business can help you, let us look at some features we include to better your experience. 

Must-Have Features Of SRIGGLE’s B2B Travel Portal 

We understand that as a tour company, you must cater to the needs of multiple travel companies and tour agents. To help you juggle these responsibilities well and ensure 100% customer satisfaction, SRIGGLE’s travel agency software lets you create different user profiles for clients. So, you can better manage client data, have a look at their needs and preferences, and develop tailored solutions. 

Another advantage of this profile creation is the better personalization of business deals and promotional offers. For example, the division of users into profiles will help you check important dates like their birthdays and anniversaries. So, you will be able to send personalized messages or provide them with customized packages at better deals. You can also better cater to customers by offering them special deals throughout their birthday month to add to the ultimate user satisfaction. 

Some other features that are better managed due to the creation and separation of user profiles include:- 

  • Better management of agent commission 
  • Automated invoice generation 
  • Seamless itinerary builder 
  • Simplified and concise booking processes 
  • Better marketing and service personalization 

The best part of our B2B travel portal is that agents can easily create customized tour packages and deliver visually attractive itineraries to customers. Moreover, the robust quotation management software ensures proper delivery of estimates and service packages that fit user needs and budgets. 

Another positive of SRIGGLE’s tour operator software is that it offers users access to quotations from multiple partners. We collaborate with a wide range of local and global suppliers to better cater to both domestic and international trips. This also ensures that users have access to multiple packages and can choose one that best satisfies their needs. 

SRIGGLE’s B2B Travel Portal Benefits To Agents 

In the previous section, we discussed the benefits of SRIGGLE’s B2B travel portal from the point of view of clients and users. But, our job is not done here - after all, travel agents are also an important part of the industry and our B2B travel portal wouldn’t have been an industry favorite without their contribution. 

At SRIGGLE, we understand that it is undoubtedly difficult for travel agents to perform extensive research and offer itineraries that best cater to client needs. This is why our experts stay up-to-date on industry changes and user preferences to ensure our portals help travel agents cater to users. Our team also keeps themselves updated on recent technological advancements to ensure better fulfillment of customer needs and greater customer satisfaction. 

Front-End Features 

When agents open SRIGGLE’s B2B travel portal, they must log in to their user profiles before being able to check out the different packages and services available. Our all-in-one portal allows agents to book flights, hotels, cab rentals, group trips, and more. When they first log in, they will be able to check out the different packages offered by partners, their rates, service details, and relevant images.

Agents can also check out more information like locations of accommodations, flight timings, hotel amenities, and carrier rules among others. Since most travel agents work on booking commissions, our portal also performs the relevant calculations and displays their commissions. So, agents do not need to perform mathematical calculations to know about their earnings. Another advantage is that agents can also view their earnings history and check out the amount earned from each booking. 

Back-End Features 

As discussed, agents need to log onto SRIGGLE’s B2B travel portal before they can access the different features. Once they’re logged in, agents have access to detailed dashboards, customer inquiry overviews, quotations in progress, upcoming bookings, and detailed commission reports. 

Our platform implements advanced technologies like AI & ML and data analytics to better analyze user needs and agent performance. This allows agents to stay updated on evolving customer needs and find out areas for improvement that can help them generate better commissions. 

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Why SRIGGLE’s B2B Travel Portal Is The Industry’s Favorite? 

Our team specializes in travel portal development and has been servicing multiple travel companies and tour operators over the years. As is clear from the above sections, we ensure that our platform is all you need to better customer experience and ensure 100% user satisfaction. To help you better understand why we are the industry’s favorite, we have listed the benefits of our booking software solutions below:- 

  • An all-in-one platform offering access to all necessary features 
  • Better management and maintenance of customer information 
  • Automated cost and commission processing for error-free calculations and transparent pricing solutions 
  • Seamless and concise booking processes 
  • 24/7 access to an expert customer support team 
  • Pricing options collected from multiple partners to offer you a competitive edge 
  • Easy tailoring options to ensure packages are as per customer needs and preferences 
  • Better streamlining of the user journey for higher customer satisfaction 
  • Easier creation of marketing plans to boost booking conversion rates 


At SRIGGLE, we focus on offering customers software solutions that help streamline their business operations to better cater to customer needs. With our B2B travel portal, your agents have access to high-tech software that helps them stay updated on changing customer needs and allows them to tailor their strategies as needed. Hence, SRIGGLE’s solutions are the industry’s favorite and one of the best solutions you will come across. 

Interested in bettering your business and bringing in more revenue with SRIGGLE’s travel software solutions? Get in touch with the experts at SRIGGLE to discuss your business needs and goals and get access to a tailored solution. Our team specializes in white-label travel portal development which helps ensure that the software you get is in line with your brand identity. 

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