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HotelBeds API
XML Integration | Development

Sriggle has XML API Integration with Hotelbeds. With this Hotelbeds XML API Integration, travel agents get access to activities, attractions, tickets, and car transfers.

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HotelBeds API Integration

Undoubtedly, one of the largest bed bank operators globally is HotelBeds Technology. With the massive acquisition of brands and merging with them, the company has gained immense popularity. To offer its services internationally, the company has released an open-source API, known as HotelBeds API. 

The extensive network of travel products, distributors, and markets is simply impressive. With hotelbeds API integration, hotel booking systems can offer excellent service to B2C clients, travel agents, hotels, etc. Different travel products are available at wholesale or highly discounted rates. Access to that extensive inventory is a significant benefit for travel companies. 

Apart from accommodations, HotelBeds APIs also offer access to a vast network of sightseeing, activities, transfers, cruises, car rentals, etc. If you are a travel agency looking for a reliable hotel booking engine, make sure you choose the one that has a HotelBeds API integration

With HotelBeds Portal, you get the option to choose either full or partial XML integration. You can make the choice based on your business needs and the existing infrastructure. Make sure to contact your IT team before making any decision. 

Integration of HotelBeds is an excellent idea. It is easy to use and highly flexible, allowing you to take control of the information you want to showcase. That way, you can distribute travel data and content at your convenience. 

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Sriggle: Your Trusted Partner for HotelBeds APItude Integration

Over the years, HotelBeds Portal Technology has gained tremendous prominence in the market. Now, it works with 300K hotels in 200 destination counties. It boasts of connections with 71K travel distributors with 150 source markets. The brand focuses on building strong relationships with clients and suppliers to enrich the ecosystem. 

HotelBeds deals with more than 80K bookings of transfers, hotel rooms, and activities daily. For easy and hassle-free operations, the brand launched APItude, which is a light and fast travel distribution API suite. These open APIs are designed to boost the mobile app developer experience and help the travel industry with the booking procedure. 

The hotel API group has three sections – Booking API, Content API, and Cache API. The same goes for activities too. In the case of transfers, you get only booking and cache APIs. There are also three APIs for cruises. These include booking, content, and distribution. 

Sriggle is a well-known Travel Portal Development Company. The service provider offers top-rated travel tech solutions. We boast a team of skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to handling the tech needs of the travel industry. They have proficient expertise in API integration. 

Extensive experience with HotelBeds API has made us uniquely capable of integrating it with your existing system. We use the latest tech to help your business get more exposure and improve customer experience. Partner with us for hassle-free HotelBeds APItude Integration!

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Get the Best Travel Portal Experience With HotelBeds API

As a top-rated Hotelbeds Integrated Travel Portals development service provider, Sriggle boasts of releasing high-quality products. We are well aware of the needs of the travel sector and thus deliver reliable travel technology software solutions. With years of expertise in API integration, you can rely on Sriggle, the best Hotelbeds API Development Company.

We provide top-notch HotelBeds API integration packaging solutions. Here, you will find numerous travel products at affordable price rates. With our reliable and efficient travel portal, you can grow your business even more. Collaborate with us for increasing brand visibility and improving the reputation. 

How Is Hotelbeds Hotel API a Perfect Technology for Creating B2B or B2C Websites?

  • HotelBeds is a worldwide wholesale distribution brand and the leading bedbank service provider. They offer excellent business-to-business products to the international travel sector. Over the years, the brand has gained massive recognition. 
  • Acquiring more and more companies and merging them under the same commercial name has made HotelBeds a leader in the industry. In the global tourism sector, HotelBeds is a prominent and reliable brand offering B2B and B2C products. 
  • HotelBeds is the connecting bridge between travel suppliers and travel sellers. They develop a contract with the travel suppliers, such as accommodation providers, and distribute these offerings to the sellers (travel agencies and businesses). The user-friendly platform comes with multiple advanced filtering options, making it easy for both the seller and provider to use it. It is an excellent opportunity for both to increase revenue and expand reach. 
  • HotelBeds have a remarkable track record. The reliability of services and on-time payments makes them trustworthy in the market. Moreover, it delivers a vast network of suppliers with massive benefits. Can you imagine the exposure you can attain with HotelBeds? If done right, your Travel Agency Website will get the reach it has desired for so long!
  • Sriggle is one of the leading travel tech service providers in the market. We understand the need for top-quality services and thus conduct HotelBeds Api Integration in our solutions seamlessly. 

Do you have any queries related to our software solutions? In that case, give us a call, and we will be happy to help!

Key Features of HotelBeds API

HotelBeds API offers a wide range of features. Let's check out some of them listed here –

  • Mobile interface: HotelBeds APIs have a user-friendly interface. Moreover, these are specifically designed to be mobile-friendly. That is because the majority of users opt for smartphones while doing hotel bookings.
  • Instant confirmation: Customers, be they end users or travel agents, often feel agitated till they get the booking confirmation. With HotelBeds API, you don't have to wait too long. You will get a prompt confirmation message. 
  • Push notifications: HotelBeds API sends push notifications to the user's device to convey important information. For instance, they can remind the user that there is a booking done in the upcoming week.
  • Filters: There are numerous filters available with HotelBeds API. Travel agents can use them at their convenience for smooth operation. That is what makes HotelBeds Portal different from others. 
  • Vast network: The extensive list of travel products available from HotelBeds is simply impressive. Right now, the wholesale distribution brand offers 300K hotel options in 200 destination countries with 71K travel distributors. 
  • Discounts: HotelBeds API offers massive discounts and commissions on a wide range of travel products. That makes it perfect for travel operators and agencies to re-sell them once again. 

Sriggle is the leading travel technology company globally. It offers seamless integration with Hotel APIs like HotelBeds. You can definitely rely on us to help you expand your business!

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Sriggle is the world-class Travel Technology Company that provides XML API integration to Hotelbeds. This helps travel agents and travel agencies to get access to a wide portfolio of accommodation options worldwide.

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